The Late, late, late super later night show

Insomnia has returned with a vengeance. I fell asleep around 11pm and have been awake since 2am. I have been looking for more pose ideas/hairstyles/props for the photo shoot. I stumbled upon this site that is making me reconsider my push present choice. I have always swooned over Tiffany & Co jewelry so I mentioned *a hundred times* to Antz if he was lacking gift ideas for me he could get me this bracelet.














Now I am loving these Baby name rings from Love & Victory



























These fonts are stellar and I could have her birthday engraved on it. I think a ring would last me much longer than a bracelet *I tend to break things due to my extreme clumsiness* It’s also an heirloom I could pass along to her in the future.

So many of my friends have been asking what travel plans we have once Olivia is born. Also, upon hearing the rad news that Antz nephew and his wife are joining the Peace corps spending 27 months in South America AND Antz Best Man at our wedding, quit his job, sold his car and has been travelling the world extensively *he basically lives in Brazil at the moment*. It really has me feeling like I need to amp up our Wanderlust savings. I am pretty solid for 2012 London Olympics *one month before our 10th anniversary* but after that most of our travel may be domestic. There are so many amazing places I’d love to travel to but with Antz job and our funds, I need be creative *frugal* in our travel planning. My current obsession is the Mediterranean. We have been to Venice, Italy but we MUST go to Rome, Pisa, Naples, Greece, Athens and Istanbul.










How fucking gorgeous is Santorini, Greece?? Celebrity cruises has an amazing itinerary for the Mediterranean but I worry spending only 5 hours or so in each port will be worth it? Plus cruises make me think of *pirates, storms, virus outbreaks, and the elderly* although to be fair, it’s the most economic way to see many places and have the same room the entire trip. Celebrity has great reviews for their service, food and amenities but with that comes a heavy price tag. Maybe for our 15th anniversary *again wishful thinking*

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