Happy Mommy’s Day!

Well, this is actually my first official Mom’s Day! We aren’t doing much but going to Ikea to pick up a side table for the living room. The best gift I have ever gotten is Olivia kicking and Antz rubbing my tummy. I am so full of love! *such a sap*. We spent last night with both our Mom’s at Diana Wong’s Art show

The show was in downtown LA at these old factory converted lofts. We brought Antz Mom with us. My Godfather Leon was there too. We only stayed for a few hours because I got the tireds.
All of us Mommy’s

We had a good time, my date was wonderful! I did learn a valuable lesson about batteries, whenever you need them, they die! We brought our flip but I couldn’t really use it because it was dark and there is no flash. We also brought the Nikon, BOTH batteries died 🙁 We had the Canon as a backup but for some reason the pics came out very dark and blurry. Just when I think I figured out how to use these gadgets, they fail me. Those are the only pics that came out ok. I wanted more of my Mom playing but she had too many lights behind her and that caused her to have a shadow on her.
I love you Mommy!! *circa 1977*

Antz has been working his little tail off all day finishing projects around the house. He is going to finish his list by tomorrow! He took all the stuff down to the garage so we can start cleaning the house. He figured out how to take down the curtains in the kitchen so we’re washing them now. He has been amazing with getting things done and letting me relax. I really have to get him a nice Father’s Day present *although he says Olivia is his gift*.

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