It’s afternoon already, Sheesh!

So now that I have my sanity back and I have been able to organize my thoughts I was able to harness my creative side and worked with Antz on decorating Olivia’s onesie. I really am proud of my contribution but of course next to Antz work it looks like a 3 year old drew my stuff. Oh well, Liv will know her Daddy is the talented one of us.

These are for the guests to draw/write on with Sharpies. We made 1 for each table.

My lambchop finished the fireplace and it’s drying. I am so proud of the amazing job he did, mostly because he had no experience working with the tile and cement and it definitely gives our living room a much needed improvement.

We may go to a thrift store today to get another frame (most likely 5 x 7) for the scrapbook direction for guests. Antz put in the post for the menu and I am happy with the overall look. We are waiting until Friday to add the chalkboard so it doesn’t fall from the weight.

I can’t wait to see it with the menu written on it! I love that the grass is bright and green but there’s a lame yellow patch right behind the menu, Boo. It’s weird for me to see the patio with no furniture on it but I’m feeling better that the round table, umbrella, food table and dessert/drink table will fit. I redid the floorplan and I hope everything fits. If my 2 pending people show up, we have 42 guests total. Not bad out of 48 invites.

So this is today’s progress, Antz list is totally beating mine but I’ll have alot done on Monday 🙂

Antz is actually cheating, he has finished stuff today that was scheduled for Sunday but it’s all gravy because his list is totally longer than mine. He just made this sign for our gate

Tonight I’ll create the bebe playlist on his iphone.

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