Here’s to making today 100% better than yesterday!

I am glad I got that miserable day done with! Today is going to be awesome. I can’t believe it’s already Thursday. I knew this week would fly by. When Antz got home last night he gave Maxwell a much needed bath. Whoo-hoo! I somehow mustered the energy at 11pm to mop the bedroom floor *it’s already looking dusty this morning* and I didn’t line the linen cabinet with the new paper but I did re-fold the towels and straighten up a bit. Really, today is make it or break it. Happily our gardener came by this morning to let us know he’ll be back around 4pm to cut the grass, trim the hedges and prune the flowers/roses. Sweet! We have such a language barrier, I am so happy he understood what we wanted. I wish we had the sod for him to put down but it won’t be available at Lowes until tomorrow morning *which Antz says he’ll get up early to buy*. Today I need to continue cleaning, write out the menu, go to Vons, go to the bank, get my pedicure 🙂 and tonight when Antz gets home we will work on finishing the favors and games *put the pencils through the baby wishes* Antz is smoking me on finishing his list:

I was able to successfully submit our nursery photos to ohdeedoh today. I have butterflies in my tummy with excitement. LET THE FUN BEGIN!!!

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