Not sure I’ll make it through the day

Cirque du Bebe planning…I don’t know how Antz can do it because he was up bright and early at 6am and off to Lowes before I even knew it. I guess I’m glad we did go so early because by the time he got back it was 7:30 and he went to the flowermart. The assortment was incredible but the prices were exhorbinant! I couldn’t find any peonies that were open and the ones I did were over $30 for the tiniest bouquet.

I look puffy and tired

We were there for 30 minutes and I couldn’t find any decent looking peonies except those white ones. I am knackered! Antz is putting the sod down and planting some flowers. I called about the rentals and they should be coming between 11am – 1pm. Once we get them we are going to Sprinkles and Starbucks.

Delivery has arrived, everything fit in our yard and the delivery guys put the cushions on the chairs for us. YAY! It’s all coming together.

The set up before linens

We put together the flower bouquets, I wish I had more hydrangeas to work with but they look nice.

The peonies are my favorite, I bought a glass bottle of milk for Liv’s nursery.

I had to buy some milk that come in the glass jar for the peonies in Olivia’s nursery. I hope I can get the smell of milk out of the jar. I can’t believe how fast this day is going but we are still on schedule. I hope we don’t get stuck in traffic on the way to Sprinkles.

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