Cirque du Bebe was Fantastic!!

I am super exhausted so this will be quick as possible. We are just getting into bed and I am so FREAKING happy of how amazing our shower was.

The food went so fast I barely could get a picture.

Me and the BFF *Liv’s Godmommy*
Olivia’s Godparents *Leslie & Stephen*

I am dying over all the lovely gifts!!!
Jeff Victor was an amazing caricaturist!!
Here I am explaining to how to use the Fuji instant camera however, I failed to mention *blame the instructions being in Japanese* that there was an outdoor setting so most of the photos turned out too bright, boo!
Match the celebrity game, only 3 people knew all the celebs
Tarah was the big winner
The onesie came out fabulous!
The Sprinkles cupcakes went like lightening

So the not-so-FABulous feathers, they’ve been nothing but heartache for me. I spent so much money on these showstoppers and just as guests began to arrive what happens? The wind knocks two of the five over and the vase shatters all over my lovely tables. Antz cut his finger cleaning up the mess. We had to lay them down. I didn’t get any shots with the up, BOO!

Yesterday’s photos of the lovely Feather centerpieces, I should’ve glued them to a plate like Hostess with the Mostess advised!

Also, I disctinctly remember posing for this photo yet when I looked through all the polaroids, it’s missing. Whoever swiped it, please send me a copy!!
Due to the hot sun, we ran out of drinks faster than I anticipated. Lesson learned always over purchase water!! I had 3 cases of 24 bottles and they were gone before we served lunch.
Me & my Gilli *acupuncturist/doula* Love Her!!!

We were forced to move the party indoors cause everyone including me was melting so we played the drink the baby bottle game and opening the pressies

Our loot!!
Every single person showed up, the weather was beautiful but extremely sunny and the *horrible* neighbors were nice and quiet!! I couldn’t have asked for a better day. I have been crying with gratitude from my friends and family’s kindness. The party went so well that people stayed and hung out inside our house well past the end of the shower. We have a lot of food leftover but only 3 cupcakes left. All the guests took pics with our Fuji instant camera and I need to put them in Liv’s scrapbook.
The candids

We still haven’t opened all the gifts but I am super excited about 2 in particular our daughter’s Godmother Leslie, gave us a rad Björk doll from Etsy!!!

I was screaming when I opened it!! My other friend, Kim made special *Björk swan dress wrapping paper* for our gifts. How fucking rad is that?! My friends are amazing.

I LOVE my friends and family so much. Everyone wrote wishes for Olivia and I was full-on crying when we read them tonight. Some were sooo sweet and some were seriously funny.

Jeff, our caracaturist was a HUGE hit, he made everyone look hilarious, I LOVE ours.

Kim & Warren, I LOVE IT
I am so majorly happy happy how nice everything was. Everyone loved our nursery and kept telling us how lucky our daughter will be. I can’t stop grinning from ear to ear. The one thing that sucks is I didn’t take as many pics with our camera as I should have because I was so busy mingling and running the games. I am super stoked about the photos my friend Carlos took. Hope he sends them to me soon! I am seriously dead-tired so I need to hit the pillow but I can’t believe Cirque du Bebe is over.

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