I now have a serious case of the boreds!

Now that the fantastic Cirque du Bebe is over, I am majorly bored. I would love to be excited about the birth of our daughter but the fact is that I am the one who has experience all the pain and grossness does not make it sound like an enjoyable time. I want to keep her in as long as possible. Gilli said I should go walk to induce labor but I want to have her in June *I’m weird I know*. I still have a bunch of stuff to get Liv before I’m due. I want to buy her stroller from Amazon so I can get free shipping and no tax but, the company that is selling it seems a bit shady and I worry that they may send me the wrong stroller or if I have future problems with it, how would I get in touch with them. It’s called Pampered Tot and they only have an Amazon store not their own website. They do have 100% ratings but Antz thinks they are fake ratings. If I buy it from Giggle, I’ll have to pay shipping and taxes and that takes me over-budget. I also need to buy her christening blanket and some much needed books.

This Little Giraffe blanket is the softest thing on Earth

I sent an email to BabyHawk asking where the hell is mine and they said another couple of days.

Today our plumber Malcolm is coming over to fix our cloggy shower. I need to do tons of laundry but I have to wait until Malcolm finishes. My pelvis has been paining me for that last week. It’s like all the morning sickness one would have during a pregnancy has gathered together to reek havoc on my pelvis bone. Maybe I’m just at the stage of miserable pregnant lady but I serious don’t want to stop being preggers. I LOVE not having a period, I LOVE feeling Liv moving around, I LOVE that I can eat whatever I want and not get the side eye from people. I LOVE how my clothes fit because I don’t have to squeeze into skinny clothes and I can let my belly hang out without looking like a gross hippo. I haven’t worn jeans in almost a year 🙂

Tomorrow we have a prenatal appt. and Dr Teng will start checking my cervix. David hasn’t called us to let us know when he’ll be back to finish up the roof. He still has to dig the side of the railing and create a reservoir for rainwater to drain through. He also has our garage door opener and our outdoor broom. I am happy with the garage but it did rain for a bit yesterday and pools of water collected near the edge of the railing so that does concern me.

Oh speaking of things that concern me, now our bathtub is backing up so our plumber Malcolm just snaked our main drain. I know it’s from the party 🙁 He is a permanent fixture in our home, every year he has to snake the drain. I am mortified of how dirty and disgusting it looks under our toilet *gag*

I tell Malcolm everytime I want him to rechaulk the seal around the toilet *after I bleach it and perform an exorcism* but he is so fast he never does it 🙁

I want to retile the floor in there sooo bad! The linoleum is gross and starting to peel. I’m sure we can do it but Antz is so burned out from the shower he doesn’t want to start any projects now. I am patting myself on the back because I sent out all the thank you cards today, yay!

Miss Etiquette!

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