Gloomy Monday

It’s ridiculous how hot and sunny it was this past weekend and today it’s gray and on the verge of rain. Last night my friend Carlos finally uploaded our shower pics. I really feel sick that I didn’t take more pre-shower photos of the house and backyard. Antz and I didn’t take one instant camera pic together, LAME!

Today I have alot to get done. Top of my list is getting started on the Thank you cards. I gave one to Gilli today. I went to Target and I exchanged the clear protector for my iphone. Just as I was in the shower to get ready for Gilli, Pico Party Rents came to pick up the tables and chairs. Best Buy came this morning to replace a part on the refridgerator. I sent an email with pics to Bill at PF Changs and I posted pics on Sprinkles facebook. I called Giggle to find out who bought us the Eurobath and it still remains a mystery. I tried to make an appt with the new pediatrician we found, Holly Wang, but she isn’t available until my due date, June 2nd. Hopefully, I won’t go into labor before then but if I do she’ll meet us at the hospital. I hope she’s awesome because I have no more time to interview docs and she is literally one block from the hospital. Tomorrow I’m ordering the Bugaboo Bee from Amazon. I really hope we can find a place for everything, maybe I can keep it in the trunk of my car. Wednesday Aimee is coming over and we are going to see Babies at the Pasadena Arclight. Last night I didn’t sleep so well, my ligament pain has returned and now it’s spreading across the top of my pelvis 🙁

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