The rest of my lovely Wednesday

I went to see Babies with Aimee at 1 today. Holy shit, that movie was soo mega cute!!

I loved all the babies but the African one was too much to handle. Their lifestyle was too much for me, letting the babies crawl in the dirt, eating rocks, letting the dogs lick their face, flies landing on their face. Gross! The Japanese baby was my favorite, she was sooo cute and she threw a tantrum Lizzie style. They also dressed her really cute. We went to Target and tried find some cute bibs and burp cloths but they didn’t have any I liked. While there me and Aimee looked at Liberty of London bedding and now I’m looking online for a King set.

The DwellStudio set  *the blue one* is our top pick but it seems to be sold out in King size. I also need a new featherbed. Antz accidently broke the Liberty of London candle I bought so I have to return it tomorrow.

Later we went to American Apparel and I found some cute bibs.
This weekend we are going to the mall and have the bibs embroidered. When I got home there was 2 boxes, my BabyHawk and a box from Samsung *I’m sure it’s a replacement drawer for our fridge*.

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