Summer Lovin’

Today we finally made it to BabyGap. We thought the mall wouldn’t be so crowded but I suppose the summer crowd was in full effect. I am a bit disappointed in the selection at BG, we were looking for a sun hat but the ones they had resembled an episode of Blossom *early 90’s reference*. So we only got 3 outfits and 2 of them are striped. Liv still doesn’t have that much color in her wardrobe, she still needs an outfit for her photo shoot on the 4th. I used my Bath & Bodyworks gift card and got some anti-bacterial soap and shower gel. We had lunch at the mall but it wasn’t so yummy. Oh! did I mention I FINALLY had some delicious Tenno sushi on Saturday night?!! I couldn’t believe I only ordered shrimp tempura rolls and california rolls and I was stuffed. So, today I am making the long awaited cornbread from Fresh & Easy.

Hopefully it turns out nicely so I can level up to the vanilla cupcakes and maybe next Sunday I will make my strawberry pie.
I am hoping we can take a road trip before the end of the month. This week we have lunch plans with Gilli tomorrow so she can meet Olivia. Thursday we are having lunch with Aimee.

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