Fussy, Fussy!

Somehow overnight our sweet, smiling baby became fussy. This morning she was crying up a storm.

Antz was walking around with her, he swaddled her, he changed her and she was still unhappy. I felt so terrible to hear her screaming. I feed her but lately her feeding have been shorter and shorter and she spits up after eating. She is eating every 3 hours but now my milk is in I think she’s taking in a lot more than a week ago. I am worried I am over feeding her but that seems to be the only thing that stops her from crying. We are meeting Gilli for lunch today at 1pm. I have calmed her down and she is laying next to me with her pacifier. Antz is giving Max a *much needed* bath. I straightened up the bedroom so I feel more comfortable. Today is the halfway point of Antz month off. I would love to go on a mini vacay *Palm Springs or Las Vegas* one week of this month but we can’t take Liv out just yet. Maybe in August. I see incredible changes in her everyday. She is growing like a weed! She can actually hold me when I burp her on my shoulder and that melts my heart.

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