Olivia is 2 weeks old!!!

We took Liv to her pediatrician appt this morning. She now weighs 9.025 lbs

she’s 23 inches long.

Dr Wang said she is off-the-charts for her height! She started to fuss at the appt. but Dr Wang swaddled her and quieted her right away. We told her we found a small bruise under her chest but she told us it’s just a birthmark. I have to start giving her vitamin D daily and she wants us to research a vaccine to give Liv at 6 weeks old. I am a bit apphrensive about all the scheduled vaccinations but hopefully Liv will be fine. Dr. Wang said she is above average and developing beautifully.

I asked her if I could take Liv swimming and she said sure but don’t submerge her yet. I am hoping Keith invites us over for swimming before Antz goes back to work.
Yesterday we had lunch with Gilli at Helms Bakery. We had chinese food but I ordered Pad Thai Noodles. Gilli was so excited to see Liv but she slept the entire time. I told her all about the birth and how she is doing at home. She gave Olivia 2 sweet outfits.

I am going to start seeing Gilli next month on Mondays so I’ll drop Liv off at her Grandmother’s house while I get needled. After lunch we went to Antz Mom’s house and his aunt and cousin were there visiting.

They gave us a bag full of clothes for Liv. We finally convinced Antz nephew to hold Liv but it’s not like he was very comfortable with her.

I really had a serious craving for Steak fries so we drove all the way to Arcadia, Santa Anita mall for some so that took close to 2 hours but Liv just slept the whole time. Now I am supposed to be getting some rest *had a long night with Liv* while Antz is in his office working while Liv is sleeping in her crib.

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