The ever-growing amazing Bebe!

Yesterday we went to Aimee’s for lunch at her new apartment in Venice. It’s a cute place on the second floor one block from the beach but the building’s hallway and exterior are pretty crummy.

She wants our help decorating the place. Her birthday is next month and Antz wants to buy her a *badly needed* laptop but I’d rather get her some kitchen appliances and a few cute pieces for the apartment. She wants Antz to paint a picture of her and *her son* Holden but he was supposed to do the same painting a year ago. I am slightly irritated at the moment for 3 reasons, Max just got a bath a few days ago and Antz gave him frontline *we haven’t found a flea on him yet* but he incessently scratches and bites at his legs and thighs. He has been doing this for awhile now and it’s driving me insane. He wakes up in the middle of the night to lick and bite and it’s so gross and makes his fur scabby. We took him to the vet and he had all his blood tested and we give him pills twice a day. I am all out of solutions!! My second annoyance is my eating habits. I am so digusted of my diet *of lack of*. I wait until I’m starving to eat, I crave junk/fast food and then when I eat it I am so bloated, unsatisfied and feel guilty because I feel like I am breastfeeding the same crap to Olivia. I am too lazy to cook at home and when I crave something healthy, it’s such an inconvenience to pick it up or it’s something too expensive. I know fast food isn’t good for me *or Liv* and I promised myself I wouldn’t allow Olivia to pick up my bad eating habits so I need to make changes. I also need to start working on these 40 lbs I have around my waist. Ideally I’d like to get to my wedding weight but I slimmed down *7 years ago* by swimming laps everyday and barely eating because I was so busy with wedding planning. I can hardly carry Liv in her car seat up the stairs without getting exhausted. Lame! My third irritation is a tie actually, I am incredibly annoyed that there is a huge, buzzing, gross fly in my house and I am grossed out by the hoopla of the stupid Lakers winning. I am not a basketball, baseball or football fan and I don’t understand the sensationalism of sports fans. Last night I watched the news and these idiots were running around downtown LA throwing cones at passing cars, starting fires, and breaking windows. I saw one guy get beaten up on the news and no policemen in sight! Sigh, maybe I’m being hormonal and completely exhausted from not sleeping at night and feeling couped up in this house. Today I need to buy groceries so I will try to shop healthier and not give in to my cravings. We don’t have any plans this weekend but Leslie said she would drop by to visit Olivia. My Mom wants us to come out to visit her with the bebe but I told her she has to babyproof her house and figure out a way to contain her 3 crazy dogs. I guess what is really giving me the blues is Antz has all this time off and I am really grateful that he can be home with us but I would love to take a short trip *Palm Springs, Santa Barbara or Big Sur* but we don’t have the budget for it. I spent so much money on the shower and now I am having buyers remorse. I know I’ll shake this funk I’m in but my list of annoyances and the gloomy June weather aren’t helping lift my mood. I am hoping to score an iphone 4 for Antz birthday/Father’s Day gift so that involves me waiting in a ridiculous line on June 24th. While I’m on a roll of my list of vents, I am so bothered that I can’t figure out how to format my photos on this blog. I hate the huge gaps and sloppy look of my site and Antz has no idea how to fix it. I have tried so many times but I don’t know anything about html coding so I’m completely stumped! >:(

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