Yesterday we met Story & Chris for breakfast at Marstons *the place we are going to after Olivia’s christening*

The place is great, the food is yummy but they don’t take reservations. We arrived before Story & Chris and we put our name down and it took about 20 minutes for our name to be called. They wouldn’t seat us until our entire party was there so we had to wait 5 more minutes. The place was tiny, we barely fit Liv’s stroller next to our table. I had plain old sausage and sunny-side up eggs and Antz had huge macademia nut pancakes. I spoke to the hostess and let her know we will have a party of 8 on the 17th but we still have to send someone over to put our name on the waiting list and have the entire party there when they call us. Hopefully it works out that when we finish, we can walk over from the church and be seated right away.
After breakfast we went to the Santa Anita mall to return the too-small bathing suit at Janie & Jack. I was pesmistic that I would find another cute bathing suit on sale in her size but we got lucky again. I also scored a peter pan collar onesie that we got her name embroidered on the front. We bought a bunch of outfits and some things from BabyGap for her to wear for her photo shoot. When we got home we did a mock fashion show to see how the clothes looked. Liv was definitely not in the mood for photos.

Her sailor hat doesn’t quite fit but she is too adorable.

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