It’s rough out there on your own

Boy did I learn the hard way today. My day started off pleasantly, Aimee and Holden came over to visit Olivia. Holden has 3 brothers and 2 sisters so he is an expert in babies. He made Olivia very happy.

After their visit, I went to meet Jennifer and Baby Charlotte in Montrose for our walk. I am digging Montrose, it has a charming downtown area with tons of sweet Mom & Pops. We went to this adorable kids shop. They had the birthday hats I want to get for Liv.

Olivia turned into Fussypants when I tried to put a hat on her but I have to get her one for her 1st birthday.

She is not into hats but I hope she’ll get out of the phase. After swooning over the cuteness of the shop we went to lunch. I had a turkey, avocado and croissant sandwich and sweet potatoe fries *so yum* but I only had half of my lunch because Olivia was hungry and she let everyone know it. I had to feed her in my car but that was horrible. It was like 100 degrees in my car, I couldn’t get comfortable in the backseat. I was trying to be discreet but every person was walking right next to my car and Liv was screaming bloody murder when I cut her lunch short. I breastfed her last weekend in my car at the mall so I thought it would be easy peasy.

I tried to hurry home but I was having issues with taking out the car seat *it got stuck* and I hit my arm on a piece of metal in my garage. To top it all off, I was hot and sweaty Betty and feeling frustrated and sad that Olivia was so unhappy. I felt like a Mommy failure! I called Antz and he gave me good advice *pack a bottle when I go out, load the car before I put her in, etc* so I felt better. I was so confident from our first time out alone on Tuesday that I thought I would be fine. Nothing is worse than Olivia crying and I can’t make her happy. I have a new found respect for single parents because today was hard for us. She is perfectly happy since we’ve been home and I am planning to meet Jennifer the Thursday after next at a Mommy & Me class. I really like Jennifer, she is rad, she is into Tom Waits and classic movies. I love her wedding pics *at Silent Movie Theater* she wore a gorgeous vintage gown.

So stunning!
So I found the metal beads *India Tree Dragées*

and the edible flowers *India Tree Party Decoratifs*

for the christening cookie favors at Sur la Table online last night but one thing concerns me. The beads have a warning that present a major problem. Is the presentation of these cookies worth possible cancer? And if the manufactorer knows they may cause cancer, how are they still selling this product?? Grr! I already can not find the swirl and monogram embosser for the cookies. I want these EXACT cookies!!

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