The neverending busy week and now add 100° heat!

I don’t know how I managed to survive today. I have been up and at ’em since 7am. I was still searching for the infant tylenol. I went to 2 grocery stores and a pharmacy and no luck. The pharmacist suggested I try infant ibuprofen so I bought some. I left a message at Dr. Wangs to double check if it was ok to give Liv. I then decided to get my car washed since we were already out. I made it home right before Antz and I applied the Elma cream to Liv’s thighs to numb her from the shots. I was a nervous wreck! We made it to the appt. and of course everything was just fine. She cried a bit but her Dad quieted her down.

I even found the infant tylenol in the pharmacy downstairs from Dr. Wang’s office. Liv is now 11 lbs, 11 oz and 24 inches long. Antz had to go back to work so I took her with me to my appt with Dr. Teng. The nurses though Olivia was beautiful and she was wonderful. I held her while I had my exam and I got this pic with Liv and Dr. Teng *she kept saying what a beauty Liv is* I can’t help but agree with her.

I won’t have to see Dr. Teng again until 2012 🙁

I am actually happy to be home *although we are baking in this heat* and I finally have some downtime until 6pm when we go to Leslie’s to decorate cookies. Her friend *who’s a chef* will help us so I am optimistic they come out nicely. Oh, what I would give to have a pool right now. I drove past the house I like in Eagle Rock and was surprised to see a car parked in the driveway. I was under the impression the house was unoccupied but maybe it was the agent’s car. I can’t believe the price for this house. Mediterranean Colonial built in 1921, 1795 sq ft and 3 beds/2 bath with a pool. I want to make an offer this second *in my dreams*.

Our house has an estimate on Zillow for much less than we paid for it. I would like to put our house on the market just to see what kind of offers *if any* we would get. I know we can’t list our house until we repair our plumbing, remodel the kitchen and bathroom and get the house prepared for open houses. I am hoping we will be ready in late spring of 2012 but it’s so close to our London trip I’m not sure that’s the best timing. Maybe Fall of 2012 will be a better target date. I dream that the house in Atwater will be available by the time we sell. It’s seriously my ideal house/neighborhood.

I was super proud of myself today, I managed to make peace with my Bugaboo stroller and it didn’t give me any trouble. I didn’t break my arm taking Liv’s car seat up the stairs and I didn’t have any major meltdowns UNTIL…I made it home after Dr. Teng’s appt and I picked up lunch. I set my drink and my boppy on top of the trunk of my car and went to unlock my gate when I grabbed the boppy I forgot all about the lemonade and splash, all over my newly washed car. I am sure ants are currently devouring the sweetness now but I don’t care, it’s too hot to care 🙂 Check out Liv’s chill pose on the ride home.

At least my list is dwindling. Tomorrow we’ll do a major clean up since Antz gets off early. I am expecting 10-12 people to our after-christening party. I know more will come because whenever I expect no one to show it, everyone does *darn you, Murphy’s Law*!

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