Chicken and Waffles

Seriously, whoever came up with this delicious combination is a GENIUS!! Yesterday my Mom came over and we went to Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles for lunch. So yum!

We drove past Melrose because my Mom is looking for a cowboy hat but she said the store was out of business. Olivia was a dream yesterday, she slept during the car ride and lunch and when she got home my Mom and I gave her a bath. Antz took these pics of her on Sunday, they are hilarious! She looks like a mini breakdancer.


I can’t wait until she can actually fit her shoes. We are planning on getting her Adiddas bronzed. Dinner for Schmucks is playing at Paramount on August 1st, so we are going and asking Antz sister Debra to babysit for us. I am so nervous *and guilty* about leaving her *bummer* but I have to do it some time, I suppose. I feel so bad I haven’t been able to work on my summer bucket list but so many things she can’t do yet because she’s too little. I would LOVE to take her to a Hollywood Bowl concert but it’s too crowded and noisy for her. We haven’t been back to the Farmers Market but we may go this Sunday. The easiest thing on my list is the hardest for us to complete because although Antz get’s off early on Fridays, I have been busy running errands and we usually end up eating out.

1. Take Olivia to at least one summer *outdoor* concert
2. Learn the lyrics to an entire April March song *Working on Mon Petit Ami*
3. Buy an inflatable pool and play with Liv in it *bought a float, still need to get the pool*
4. Eat outdoors every Friday *2 Fridays down*
5. Become a regular at the Montrose Farmers Market *Sundays*
6. Buy fresh strawberries *#5*/Make a strawberry pie
7. Take Olivia to Keith & Tina’s for her first swimming lesson *still patiently waiting our invite*
8. Take Olivia to my Mom’s house in Apple Valley
9. Sleep in the hammock
10. Make s’mores over our firepit *bought s’mores, need to buy logs for our firpit*
11. Have a friend’s dog party at our house *Antz has not approved, Liv is too young to be around so many dogs*
12. Take one road trip up the Pacific Coast Highway *maybe go to the Hearst Castle or seal santuary*
13. Take 1,000 pictures of Olivia *I haven’t been counting but I’m well into the hundreds*
14. Take Olivia to a petting zoo *she needs her vaccinations first so this is on hold until late Sept*

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