This is what I get for being greedy!

Haha, today I somehow managed to behave like I’m someone’s mother. I got up around 9am and fed my Liv. As I was feeding her I kept noticing how much lint she had in her hair. Rather than give her a usual sponge bath, I felt quite confident, so I decided to give her a bath in her big tub *all by myself*. She did great, I didn’t have any trouble except carrying the tub from the bathroom to the kitchen I splashed a bit. After her bath I put her in the swing and cleaned up a little. She slept for so long I was able to take a quick shower! *Victory* When I got dressed I was hungry so we went to Subway and for the first time I wore Liv in her BabyHawk! It was super easy but the straps are too long and the drag on the ground which make them dirty *Boo*. When we got home I was starved so I ate half of my footlong sandwich and a couple of bites of the other half and huge cup of mango juice. Well, now I regret my greediness because my tummy is killing me. I have been on the phone with Best Buy for the past hour trying to do two things; figure out how to preorder a white iPhone 4 and fix my online account. The problem is that my online account has 1 item in my cart but when I click my cart it says I have no items. Noone can seem to figure out how to get the *ghost* item out my cart and no luck preordering the iPhone. I seriously need to buy a new battery for my laptop. This one is completely dead so if my cord falls out *which it does all the time* my computer shuts off. At least I wrote out my thank you cards today. When Antz gets home he’s going to print the christening photos to send with the thank you’s. We also need to take Liv’s week 7 pic. Yesterday Antz brought home a present for Liv from his co-worker, Mia!! I was so surprised, it’s a precious silver antique teapot with an “O” on it. I love it!! I think it’s way too fancy to use for tea parties but if Liv wants to she can as long as we don’t tarnish it. We have another weekend of no-plans but I’m sure we’ll either go to his Mom’s house or pick her up. We decided to ask his sister to watch Olivia on August 1st but I feel really guilty about it. Antz gave me the list of movies playing at Paramount next month: Twilight-Eclispe, Get Him to the Greek, and The Kids are Alright. I want to see all of these but I can’t leave Liv for that much 🙁
I can’t believe Keith hasn’t invited us to his house yet, *well, I can*. He is remodeling his kitchen and I’m sure he wants to wait until it’s finished before he has folks over. Every year he has a pool party and he cooks.
Last years pool party

Well, maybe some time in August will be awesome. I am on the lookout for a new cardigan and a wrap/scarf. Here are my prospects:
Nordstrom Tissue Weight Cashmere Wrap

Anthropologie – Outdoor Cafe Cardigan

I really love both of these however, they both seem too thin for the purpose.

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