A woman of few words

Sorry about yesterday’s post, I was on Liv duty and was unable to type with my lovely in my arms. I had to post those videos made by Antz on his new iPhone!! She is so magnificent and she cracks me up when she tries to talk *owl*. Our Saturday was pretty lazy, I woke up early and wanted to hit the road and get out *maybe an easy hike in Malibu or a walk in Downtown Disney*

but Antz wasn’t in the mood for big crowds so we hung out at home until almost 5 *weekends always seem to fly by* and I insisted we go for a drive. I had no particular destination so I headed south and on a whim ended up in Manhattan Beach. It was super chilly *and again I forgot my jacket* so we decided not walk with her on the Strand. While driving she drank her only bottle and began to get fussy so we headed home after picking up dinner. We watched Kick-Ass when we got home and the only thing that kicked ass was the foul-mouthed little girl. The writing was horrible and Nic Cage is mega lame. I am cancelling our Netflix account because the last few months I haven’t had time to watch the movies, every movie I have rented ends up on cable the next day *I watched Moon on Thursday and today it’s on cable* and there is not much I want to see in my queue anyway. So Antz was wiped out and he went to bed. I stayed up a little later *a whooping 11:30 on a Saturday night*.
Next week we have absolutely nothing planned so I’m going to start tackling my Summer Bucket list. Antz is taking the 18th off *our anniversary* and we’re dropping Liv off at his Mom’s while we finally see Inception. We are taking her with us to Duke’s for dinner that night. Next weekend we are going to get our backyard pretty again for our upcoming S’mores party on the 27th. Antz is now at Lowes picking up a new floodlight *our old one died* and he is getting some flowers to replace our dead garden. So far only 3 couples have confirmed they are coming on Facebook but a few of our friends don’t check Facebook that often so they will probably show up anyway.

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