Just when I thought we were burned out on Farmers Markets

We are going to the Northridge farmers market tonight when Antz gets home. I am crossing my fingers they have kettle corn because I really want some. It’s over at 9pm. Tomorrow Aimee is coming by to visist me and Liv and we’ll probably go to Larchmont for lunch. Friday we are giving Antz sister Debra her raincheck for dinner and we are taking her to Sedthee *yum!*. This weekend we are going to Solvang for Story’s birthday *which is Sunday* for wine tasting. We went in 2008 and I was designated driver so I didn’t get to partake in the wine goodness.

They are biking 14 miles before the tasting *I know, they are nutters* and we are meeting them at the Shoestring Winery. Well, it’s almost 6 so I need to get ready. I will post pics and Liv’s week 15 later tonight

*As promised Olivia Lily 15 weeks old*

I love that she has found her feet *so rad* Story commented on facebook that she hopes the egg that is hatching is a dinosaur!! LOL!

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