We hit the farmers market Jackpot!!!!

We had such low expectations for the farmers market when we saw it was in a mall parking lot. I’ve been to Northridge before for a Halloween party so I remember it was a nice neighborhood but it took over an hour to get there. We were shocked when we arrived, I was worried about there not being any kettle korn and I smelled yummy buttery kettle korn in the air as we parked. This FM was 4 rows deep and had everything *pony rides, petting zoo, rock climbing, a full food court, of course kettle corn and roasted peanuts*

Sandwhich anyone?? Too bad banner makers don’t use spell check.

So obviously I went for the huge $5 bag and now I have stuffed my gob with popcorn. It really was worth the drive!! We both got delicious Hawaiian grilled teriyaki chicken and rice *after being sold by a sample*. We didn’t stay long because it was almost time for the market to close and there wasn’t anywhere to sit but we are definitely going back to enjoy it earlier. When we got home I fed Liv and read her Goodnight Moon. I got her to fall asleep but as soon as Antz came in to get a pic, she woke right up.

I am so proud of myself for putting her to sleep without Antz help *he is the sleep master*. She slept so much today, I am surprised she is back to sleep again. Ohh, we chose week 15 but Antz needs to add the tree branch *and our hummingbirds may have a new arrival this week*

She has dominated in foot eating so this is our winner but I have to post her outtakes

This is the cute dress Carlos & Stephanie gave us.

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