Lemony Goodness *I hope*

Today I felt brave enough to tackle baking Lemon Bars! I know, who do I think I am? Well, I thought it would be easy peasy but alas I could ruin a bowl of cereal! I read the directions very carefully *all 3 of them* and as simple as they were I couldn’t figure out which bag of mix to use for the filling. I tried going on the Betty Crocker website but no help there. I even called the 1-800 number on the box but there was a recording that all the reps were in a meeting and wouldn’t be available until tomorrow. I called Antz Mom *my only fellow baker* and she wasn’t home. My lemon bars seemed doomed from the start so I just applied some common sense and used the white mix for the filling *it smelled lemony* and the yellow mix for the crust. It’s currently baking for 25 minutes however I see the receipe calls for powdered sugar and the box I bought doesn’t supply any. I am going to Target so I can pick up some but will I return quickly enough to finish my bars to lemon perfection? We shall see…








Sorry about the mirror photo *I can’t stand mirror pics, they are sooo myspace* but I had to show off my pretty baking apron!! I even wore my cupcake hat *to hide my hideous hair* for the occasion.

Liv and I had a blast at Target although I was disappointed in the Halloween decor for this year. In 2008 we bought $400 worth of decorations when we had our Halloween Party but today the pickin’s were slim.











So I was thrown for a loop, we planned to take Liv for a walk when Antz got home *in Atwater Village of course* and have a small dinner and then try my lemon bars for dessert. My Mom called me at 5 to ask me where she can take her friend Patty for shrimp *she was at Gladstones in Malibu* I told her that place is touristy and overpriced. I told her come to my side of town and we’ll go to Sedthee for Thai. I called Antz to let him know there was a change of plans. He was game since I mentioned going to Sedthee. It’s so funny how on the fly and random my Mom is. She never has a set agenda but that’s fine by me.







Such nerds, they followed us to Sedthee and we got our usual booth. The shrimp pad thai was super yummers!! My Mom had too much to drink and Patti had to get back to Apple Valley so they left early. I am glad my Mom had a chance to see Liv, it was too long since the last time she saw her Grammy.








They left around 9 and I fed Liv while Antz cut me a slice of the lemon bars. Holy Shit!!! They were actually yummy! I am so proud of myself. I bought powdered sugar at Target so this is how they came out


Antz said I may have found my nitch 🙂 Now I need to convince Santa to bring me a Kitchenaid Cake Mixer for Christmas this year *I’ve been a very good girl*


3 thoughts on “Lemony Goodness *I hope*

  1. I had a feeling they were gonna come out great! *yay!* I had my fingers crossed 4 ya! Baking can be very hit & miss sometimes, so that's awesome that you can bake! 😉

    I was wanting to do a halloween party this year. Unfortunately, our house currently looks like a storage unit, do to the fact that his mother's moving in with us, so I don't think that'll go over too well. Plus, REAL friends are slim pickins here so I don't even know who would come… Oh well… Maybe next year. I'll prob do a small lil halloween party for us & lily tho. It's her first Halloween after all! Are you taking Liv trick or treating?? lol What's she gonna be? DO you know yet? Ur makin me wish I lived in Cali…. =\

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