Mix Tape Fridays Vol. 2

Welcome back to Mix Tape Fridays! This week has been unexpectly busy so I needed high energy, hope you rock out like I do.

Now I know everyone is all of a sudden loving MIA because they just heard Paper Planes but I was loving her back in 2006 when I read about her in Nylon magazine. She is pretty rad despite that she named her son Ikhyd

“Bamboo Banga” M.I.A.

Who doesn’t love a great 80’s tune. This so reminds me of how I used to watch 16 Candles *on my VCR* so many times that the tape broke! I love the dance scene when Anthony Micheal Hall *no relation* danced with Molly Ringwald to Wild Sex for the Working Class.

“Little Girls” Oingo Boingo

I love Ratatat, Antz doesn’t so I have to get my fix when I’m alone *correction, with Liv* in my car.

“17 Years” Ratatat

OK, So I know Wildcat would have been the obvious choice from Ratatat but I burnt that song out 3 years ago when I saw Ratatat open for Björk in Las Vegas

*Lizzie & E*vax*

Speaking of Björk please enjoy this week’s obligatory tune. This performance was a surprise show in New York that I am super bummed that I didn’t go to but I did record it on HBO and I adore this song. I sing it to Olivia *since it’s a lullebye* but she gives me the side-eye like Mommy, I love you but please stop singing!

“Unravel” Björk

OMG She is sooo fucking cute!! I love her little dance *she is so quirky*. Here’s a little known fact. This song is Thom Yorke *from Antz fave band Radiohead* favorite song. He collaborated with her on I’ve Seen it All from Dancer in the Dark. He does a cover of it *but not very well*

This next band is just across the pond from Iceland in Norway and I love them!! They have been making me super happy lately so I thought I’d share the happiness.

“Happy Up Here” Röyksopp

You probably know the next band from their awesome appearance *I’m Blue* in Quentin Tarintino’s Kill Bill Vol. 1. The rumor is, he was in Japan shopping when he heard the all girl band on the radio and he asked about them and flew them to the set to perform. They are super rad and a bit Rockabilly and since I had my Rockabilly look last weekend I thought I’d pay tribute since this has been added to my awesomely happy itunes playlist.

“I Walk Like Jane Mansfield” The 5,6,7,8’s

Another vintage 80’s song that I hold dear. A few weeks back we went to a Mythical Creatures party at Leslie & Stephen’s and there were playing the Smiths. Whoa, that took me back to those teen days when I would lock myself in my bathroom for hours listening to the Smiths, the Cure and Depeche Mode and cry over a stupid boy. 

“Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want” The Smiths

Total nostalgia

Now it’s time this week’s random song. To me it’s not so random because I listen to it everyday but that only proves I’m a closet lunatic!

“Bed Intruder Song” Antoine Dodson

Ok, I’ll admit it, this song is my ringtone. Aimee and I LOVE this guy. He is seriously FABulous!!

I am sooo in LOVE with this song *and the movie*. I am typically not a fan of Michael Cera but I love this soundtrack. I am also gay for the Katayanagi Twins. <3

“Garbage Truck” Sex Bob-omb

I leave you with my song of the week. This song is serious business! I cannot put into words how much I love this song. I am really destroying my ears because of how loud I rock out to this. Toodles!

“Master of None” Beach House

I fell in love with BH from Antz who heard them from our friend Darryl *who is a Music Jedi* and we even stole this photo

We did our own version for our Christmas card last year *it took way too many tries and fails to blow the confetti like them so we ended up throwing it*

Don’t stop Believin’

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