660 days until our trip to London!

I know that sounds like a long time but it’s 1 year and 8 months away. #23 on my bucket list is fast approaching. I was checking the status of the W London and finally there is an opening date: 2/14/2011 for all you sweethearts!! I was so excited I almost booked the room…until I realized duh, I was booking for July 2011 NOT July 2012. I have to wait until 180 days in advance which is December 30, 2011 to book our room. Did you know 2012 is a Leap year?? I am also happy because I am finally able to check the hotel rates *although they are in GBP* for July. I am keeping my fingers crossed I can confirm the 2011 rate since I’m sure the 2012 rate will triple for the Olympic crowds. The good news is, at the current rate we can afford to stay 7 days instead of 6!! I am vigilant about checking with the United States Olympic Committee to get tix for the opening ceremony. I don’t want to miss out because I hear some folks were shelling out $10,000 for the Vancouver Opening Ceremony! We are looking good for my current budget but it sucks having to constantly change the amounts because of the currency exchange rate. It was almost double last summer but now it’s about $10 less than double *not like that helps*. I remember when we first went to London in *2003* everything was super expensive. We were so broke back then we shared a Dairy Milk chocolate bar for dinner. We did pig out at Yo! Sushi and I intend to do so again this time.

I am going to give Indian food a try *hated it when I had it with Story & Chris* but I have heard it’s the best in London *since there’s so many Indian folks living there. I want to try a place I saw on the Travel Channel called Tiffin Bites. I am hoping I’m much braver in trying new food arena because the last time I was there I totally had a brat attack. I would only eat at American restaurants *TGI Friday’s was terrible and McDonalds*. I was so picky when it was time to eat that Aimee and Antz wanted to leave me at the hotel. *sigh* I really want to try some of the meals as seen here. That looks yummy in my tummy!! I have been checking Virgin for airfare deals but again,

there’s no booking until 180 days in advance but I have an idea of what premium economy will cost *I refuse to fly economy or coach on a transatlantic flight ever again!* I am still puzzled if we need to bring Olivia’s booster seat? With my tendancy to overpack, souviner shopping and me bringing my own water *I will only drink Aquafina*, we are going to have too much to lug around. I feel like I may need to bring it because although we are renting a car and can just rent one I have no idea what condition *or how filthy* the rental seat may be. I usually love the planning process of a trip *I must have been a travel agent in my former life* but this time I’m so worried about the obnoxious crowds, and horrendous traffic, I am not feeling the fun 🙁 What would be the mega rad would be if we could stop off on the way home in Reykjavík, Iceland and see Björk perform *#3 on my Bucket List!!* It’s only a 3 hour flight from New York to Iceland and we’d be going that way anyway…

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