October Nights

We just got back home from our evening walk in lovely Atwater Village. We are definitely going to get back into our walking routine *and volleyball every Tuesday*

It was pretty nice, we watched a salsa aerobics class at the Beathouse dance studio

and we peeked in the window of Woof to check out their Halloween decorations.

Antz asked me if I wanted my eyebrown’s waxed..

We saw a cute house a decked out in Halloween decor and I loved their pumpkins *Boris Karloff and Bela Lugosi, so rad!!!* Sorry the pic looks so lame, I had to use my iPhone because I left the Nikon at home 🙁


I wasn’t ready to go home just yet so we drove around town with no particular destination. I love driving on the outskirts of downtown LA and seeing the silhouette of the buildings. The Eastern Building is my favorite. We ended up in Echo Park *one of the first places we looked for houses 4 years ago* and I felt so relieved we didn’t buy in that neighborhood. It’s not close to Antz job, there’s high crime, it’s not as family friendly as our area. Driving along the pumpkin patch seemed to find us

Aren’t those pumpkins rad?? So we drove towards downtown and we happened to pass Bob Baker’s Marionette Theater. OMG! I completely forgot that I’ve been wanting to take Olivia to a show there since I got preggers. This place has been around for over 50 years and it’s endangered at the moment *boo* There is a Halloween show going on so we have to take her one of these upcoming weekends. It’s a good thing we found it because it’s really hidden and I wouldn’t have thought about it. So we came home to our newly decorated graveyard and it looks pretty fucking sweet!!









I know some of the shots are blurry but I was trying out different settings on the camera and it’s hard to get a good shot of lights at night. I still need pumpkins and I want an awesome scarecrow! I wanted to humor myself by trying out the new cookie brownies *not expecting much* and I totally surprised myself *AGAIN* I am getting pretty stellar at baking!!



I woke Antz up to taste them and he gave me a sleepy thumbs up. I even added white chocolate chips *I can’t get enough of them*. I’m going to send a bunch to work with him tomorrow to give to friends. Olivia has a pediatrician appt. in the morning *more vax* so I need some shut eye.

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