America’s Next Top Bebe Model

This morning as I was playing with Liv while Antz was getting ready to go to work, I was asking him what he thought about getting Olivia in modeling.

Me: “How would I get her started?”
Him: “I don’t know, ask Carol” *our neighbor who is a film costumer*
Me: “I want her to be on Yo Gabba Gabba!”
Him: “She’s too little”
Me: 🙁

When I was a wee lass my Mom had my professional portfolio done and I did a few small gigs.

I also spent 1 1/2 years in acting school every Saturday *to which the only outcome was I can improv poorly and I audtioned for every kid’s show/film there was in 1986* Now, I’m not sure how much money I am ready to invest *living in LA, it can easily get into the thousands* in her headshots, or my time, so I’m thinking we can DIY-it and use some of her weeklies. I checked online at the agency I would love to get her into Wilhelmina but I’m not sure they represent infants and I’ll admit, it may be too far out of my league. I don’t want her to end up a John Powers graduate either. I ultimately would like to see her sweet face on a Baby Gap campaign worldwide *am I asking too much?*. My other neighbor got her daughters in a golf commericial but she knew someone affliated with the golf tournement and she has twins *they are more likely to get cast for TV*. I will try my best to keep networking and find someone who has the info I need to get her *career* going! I have no desire to become a stage Mom *egads!* but if I can get her some modeling work for the next few years it would help with her private school tuition *my #1 choice is almost $20k per year and that’s KINDERGARDEN!!*
I am submitting her photo for the 2011 Baby Gap contest today and I am sooo nervous about which photo to choose. It was a toss up between


Antz pick is the white dress, I worry she may look too generic *although she is beautiful* and I really want her to stand out. Good thing that’s a Gap dress! I seems that we are going with the white dress and Antz is touching up and zooming in on her face. My biggest issue the way they chose winners it’s a popularity contest because the winner is chosen by the most votes *Boo!* I can get her a lot of votes but I’m not sure it would be enough to get her in the top position. Also the prizes SUCK!!!

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  1. First off, the pic of you as a kid- totally adorable! Secondly, Liv is getting cuter and cuter as the days go by! LOVE the white dress pic! I definitely agree it should be your entry pic! BTW, have you thought about trying to get in touch with Gerber? I know they usually have contests at different ages. (?) I think once you get your foot in the door somewhere, all the doors will start to fly open! Your daughter is adorable, it's just a matter of getting her adorable face out there! =) Good luck 2 u and the bebe!!

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