Awww, did ya miss me?

I feel like I haven’t blogged in weeks and yet it’s only been 2 days. *ahem, addicted!* So I put myself on blog-timeout because I had to purchase more storage for my thousands of photos and it took a little more than 24 hours to go into effect so I took a mini vacation. Nothing thrilling happened with the exception of 2 cool things *well, cool to a nerd like me*…Antz has been on a peach Snapple fixation so last night he told me this random fact and I thought me totally made it up…

That law needs to pass over in France because every person we came in contact with made my nose hurt. I literally had to hold my breath in the metro, they are not familiar with a little thing called deodorant. So the second thing I am stoked about is after years of my complaining Anthropologie finally heard me and now is carrying a kids line!!!

Schooner Dress $88
Bud Vase Hoodie $78

Fish Tank Sweater *a bargain at only $68*

Fish Tank Sweater back

Honey Loving Hat $38

Monkey Business Coat $98

Slow And Steady Hat $38
Tied Trimming Dress $88
So this is bittersweet for me. Of course I am super happy they have clothes for Olivia but at these prices she won’t be wearing any of them until they go on super sale *by them her size will most likely be sold out*. This makes me wish I knew how to sew. I think I could make those hats *in my pretend life*
I found the cutest online shop Livie & Luca and now I am so totally obsessed with buying Liv all these shoes!!!

I also want to get her some Saltwater sandals but I just found out they carry them in adults sizes!! Holy Cow!! I want some in brown

We aren’t going to volleyball tonight, Antz has been super tired and I am ready for a day off. My Mommy is coming into town tomorrow and we are going to lunch at Sedthee *yummers*. Thursday I’m hanging with Aimee *we are on a quest to find her a new couch* and Friday is Pumpkin Patch day!!!

One thought on “Awww, did ya miss me?

  1. I did, I did!! =) That fact is hilarious! Although, I think the majority of Paris heard your complaints about their odor b/c when I was there a few years ago, I didn't run into too many stinkers.. Of course, you get your random people who have never heard of a shower, soap, or any of the like, but you get that in the states too! Maybe that law should go into effect here in some places too… hmmmmm When I become president…… lol

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