Pretty Things make me Happy!

So I promised to finish a DIY project this weekend and I delivered!! Yesterday while Antz and Liv were napping, I was working hard in the kitchen. We have *the worst paint job* cabinets that were embarrassingly full of unorganized dishes and food. It was a total mess. I bought some cabinet liner paper almost 6 months ago that I intended to use in the hallway linen cabinet. I wasn’t in love with the paper I bought so I never used it.

Our messy linen cabinet/liner dots paper


I want a bright turquoise and yellow print for the cabinet. As you can see the cabinet needs organizing and better storage. I have too many toiletries and hair products. So Antz was getting on my ass about when I was going to finish that project so I thought I would buy new paper *in a print I liked better*. While I was at Target with Aimee a few weeks ago, I saw some really pretty wrapping paper. I wanted liner paper because it’s thicker and has a sticky side but I figured, I could use wrapping paper and tape and…

“Make it work” as Tim Gun says.

It wasn’t difficult at all *after some serious scrubbing*, I just measured the cabinets, cut and taped…easy peasy!

 It helped that the paper was premium *it had some foil in it* quality because it was pliable which made it easy to fit into corners without tearing.

 The walls were disgusting! I used bleach spray and Kaboom to get the gunk out.

 Only we would have a photo of us in our cabinets *total Nerds!*

I wish I had prettier dishes and cups*sads*

The spice cabinets before…what slobs!!


I was starting a Santos *that’s Saints to you heathens* candle collection but the other ones are super scary *like Carrie* looking.

I threw out stuff we never used and by the time I was finished, the cabinets looked less crowded and gave me room for…
My new clearance score!

My Target canisters!! I really wanted them and I was annoyed I didn’t buy them last Thursday with Aimee *especially since they were on clearance* So Antz and I went to our Target *I knew Eagle Rock wouldn’t have them* Boo, I had to call like 6 Target’s to find them. We had to drive all the way to the East Pasadena store but I got them and they were even cheaper than the ones I saw at the Culver City store! SWEET. I was worried for a second they wouldn’t fit on the *oddly sized* shelf but I am so happy with how pretty it turned out. I can’t wait to do the linen cabinet and maybe even the laundry nook too!

This month is flying by so I had to revisit my Things to Do list and get started on more projects.

Start shopping for Liv’s Christmas presents *Started on an Amazon List*

Make Christmas card list *So far 30 cards*

Choose a Christmas card theme *Antz is thinking something at Disneyland, when we go on the 14th*

Send our knives to Cutco to be sharpened.

Make prints at CVS and finish Liv’s scrapbooks

Make photobooks for the Grandmas *score, they are buy one get one free at CVS*

Antz~Make Liv’s video montage *this is a big project*

Liz~Bake a pumpkin pie *switching to pumpkin cupcakes, I got a great recipe and I’m making them for Thanksgiving dinner {possibly at Antz Mom’s house}


Decorate our house for Halloween

Take Liv to *West Hollywood* pumpkin patch for photos and buy a white pumpkin *going to decorate them today!

I still have a ton of stuff to do…*it’s overwhelming* I just got a 10% coupon from Target to use before November 22nd but I wish I had it 3 weeks ago when I spent almost $200 on just household stuff!! Maybe I can finally get the bedding I’ve been drooling over?

I am so Happy Happy, yesterday I got the tickets for Yo Gabba Gabba Live! We have been listening to the Music is Awesome playlist day and night so we are super stoked to go.
Let’s get the SILLIES OUT!!!

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