Olivia Lily’s nursery revisit

My little girl isn’t so little anymore, she is 21 years weeks old!!. I can’t even recognize her from her birth photos.

*Sorry, this is Back to the Future Liz, I know this is cheating but I needed a post with all her weeklies*
Liv was more interested in reaching for my camera than posing, it was a hilarious shoot this week!!
I have been spending so much time in the nursery, I thought it would be nice to see the difference from 5 months ago. Liv’s nursery was even featured on Lil Sugar and OhDeeDoh. This was Antz old office back in March 2010.
The man cave Before
Why we painted it in that awful red and brown, I’ll never know. Maybe we were watching too much of The Shining!

I love how fresh paint can transform a room!
I think the neutral furniture palette was a wise choice. The furniture won’t be dated in 5 years and the accessories bring the color to the room so if we want to change colors everything will be cohesive.
The handmade mobile of us. Created by Anthony after hearing me moan and groan about ugly mobiles.
 Her tiny closet
After *I was 6 months preggers at this point*. Today it’s packed to the top!
You’ve come a long way, BABY!
I can’t wait until next March so we can work on the kitchen, bathroom and garage.
It is beyond ridiculous how excited I am about this outfit Antz found on Etsy for Olivia to wear to Yo Gabba Gabba live show next month!! OMG!! So flipping cute!!

I am ordering it as soon as I find out if she can make it in Liv’s size because her shop only has size 12 months and up. HAPPY HAPPY!!

5 thoughts on “Olivia Lily’s nursery revisit

  1. Hey sweetie! Sorry I haven't commented in a while! LOVE the pics of the nursery! You're so creative!! I never mentioned this but I LOVE your little mobile of you guys!! Wanna make me one?? haha It's great! Lily doesn't have a mobile of any sort, but she doesn't seem to mind… There's still so many things I want to get for her.. If I had more $$, that kid would be so spoiled, I tell ya! I hope you all have a blast at Yo Gabba Gabba! I haven't gotten the chance to watch that show myself.. Will have to check it out one day with Lily! Anywhose, can't wait to see ur all's halloween costumes!! It'll be here b4 we know it!!

  2. Hi Amiga!!
    I missed seeing ya! Thanks so much about the nursery. I angonized over every inch of that room but we love it. Now, I need to put that much effort into the rest of my shack. Loved your pumpkin patch pics. You will sing the Yo Gabba Gabba songs all day if you start watching “Try it, you'll like it” see?? I am a bit worried about my costume but you'll see how it turns out in tomorrow's post.

  3. Thanks, dear! Lily didn't seem to want to participate or cooperate for those pics.. But, she was half asleep so I can't really complain… Seems she got my crappy cold, so, she's been not quite herself all the time. It comes in goes. Hopefully next year she'll be more photogenic when we go! And we'll see about Yo Gabba Gabba… I'm more of an old fashioned Sesame Street gal myself though… haha

  4. I love you blog! Nice job on the cheerful colors in your nursery! I've crushed on that anthro rug forever! I woke up this am and your blog was on my mac. My husband found it last night when he was looking for other “normal” families with an Airstream. We just bought our silver bullet. If you are thinking of getting one…work towards that goal and you will not regret it!

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