Dammit Janet!!

After spending All Hallow’s Eve on the party circuit, I flaked on T-or-T in Venice and opted for staying in bed, all toasty, watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show marathon. I wasn’t that tired, we managed to make it home just before midnight, and I had one measly wine cooler *so 10th grade, I know* Antz worked on freelance all day to his heart’s content. At dusk, we were all ready to hand out candy *the unwanted leftovers from the Nick party* after waiting an hour with our gate open and Antz pacing the porch in his grisly face

*He’s ghastly!!*

we didn’t get one kid this year. Oh well, fine with me, last year the costumes were super lame and we kept worrying the kiddies might trip on our front stairs. The parties were good, the first one was Tom & Jes’s *at their newly renovated pad*


Antz was not a fan of his Ameretto shot.
We spend much of the night discussing our love of the horror movie genre. The Shining is my ATF *all-time fave*
and I was going nuts talking about my wanderlust for all things European *except the food*
So we headed over to party #2 at Connie & Justin’s

We hung out with Leslie & Stephen but I was really cold and Liv was a sleepyhead so we didn’t stay long. Connie & Justin live about 4 blocks from us and they have a raised veggie garden
 that I want *but not at this house, our next house* Leslie & Stephen invited us to their non-profit’s Day of the Dead Festival on Tuesday but we have a full day *voting, Liv’s 5-month doc appt and I need to get some laundry done* So overall it was a great Halloween but we are looking forward to next year when Liv is older and we can really trick or treat or maybe take her to one of her friend’s house. I was looking online and I started planning Liv’s 3rd birthday at the Treehouse Social Club.
Hi, My name is Liz and I am a planaholic!

2 thoughts on “Dammit Janet!!

  1. We didn't get one single trick or treater this year either! We thought at least the kids down the street would come over but nope! I guess it's more Reese's PB cups and sour patch kids for me and Edward!

  2. I KNOW!! I guess noone trick or treats in neighborhoods anymore. I was going to take Liv to Venice canals but just to take pics not t-or-t because everyone would know the candy was for US!! haha!

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