The Family that votes together…

…Stays rad together!! This morning my lovely woke up *after a miserable night up and down with Liv, who ended up sleeping with us, BOO* anyway, he woke up super early to take down the Halloween decorations. My biggest pet peeve *and I have tons of them* is when people do not take down their holiday decorations the week after the holiday *I’m looking at you every other house that has Christmas lights on your houses YEAR-ROUND!!* So our house is bland looking again but we will be decorating for Christmas soon. Liv and I slept late *she was on the boob almost all night* and we got out to our poll place by 9:30. It wasn’t crowded at all, surprisingly *I guess we missed the before work crowd* and we were in and out in 10 minutes. We saw our neighbor Carol there.

My first time in heels *ok, I cheated, wedges* since I got preggers over a year ago! I was going for my most conservative look.
Jerry Brown is our man!! Barbara Boxer is our homegirl!!


Our happy Democrat!!
Antz headed off to work while Liv and I went to get my car washed. At 3, we had our appt. with Dr. Wang in her new office *the same office as Dr. Teng*.
*the saran wrap is her numbing cream to help allievate the pain from the needles from her vax*
27 Inches *95th percentile*
I finally got a pic of Liv & Dr. Wang *yay, we heart her*


 She handled her shots like a trooper, only cried for a second, we sang Yo Gabba Gabba songs to distract her and the nurse was looking at us like we were nuts but she said we are awesome parents *doesn’t everyone sing “There’s a Party in my Tummy” to their bebes?*

Dr. Wang gave us the green light to start solids *eeep*. I am happy she is developing so well, but I am sad I will have less time BFing her. That’s our special time and it makes me feel needed. *Sads* We are going to pick up these and possibly start this weekend with rice cereal *yuck*




I am also bummed that I she will start to have more smelly diapers. So far life with bebe has been a total breeze *albeit, a million sleepless nights* but smell poops are definitely a bummer. After the doc, we were starving so we went to the Santa Anita Mall and had one of our fave fast food spots, Chicken Now.

Sooo yummers!!
I heart any place that offers Family parking. Fresh & Easy offers it too.

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  1. Hello dear! I just have to say how lucky you are to have a pediatrician you adore so much! I wish I had such luck… We first brought Lily to a pediatrician that we were referred to by the NICU nurse in the hospital that was taking care of her there.. But it was just too big, too hectic, and I just wasnt a fan… Not to mention, they wouldn't take my medicaid card for her… So, I asked my friend who she takes her daughter to (she had her daughter 4 days after I had Lily…) and she gave me her dr's name, said they were great… raved about them… Well, the first attempt to go there, the insurance thing didn't work… Second time, I just wasn't too thrilled… I just like the really happy go lucky pediatricians.. and this dude was… Off… Idk.. I'm hoping once we move we'll find a better pediatrician… Count your lucky stars you got yourself a good one! =) And Liv is just getting cuter & cuter as she grows!! Love how she has so much hair!!! Awwwww

  2. LAME! Can you change pediatricians? You have to have someone you like and above all trust. We got lucky we found Dr. Wang because our first pediatrician was mega lame. Antz thought she looked like a Real Housewife. He did not like her at all and I didn't like the facilities. Dr. Wang is awesome, she let's us delay vax and answers our *ridiculous* questions with good humor. The best thing to do is ask people with kids for a referral. All of our docs are super rad and we laugh that their names sound like sexual innuedos: Wang, Teng, and Wong! *We're Dorks*

  3. That's just it… I HAVE changed pediatricians already.. And the place I'm going to now, was a referral.. I'm just not a fan.. The office staff are just dumb, and the dr wasn't all that, “pediatriciany” (again, not a word, but is now..) enough for me.. IDK, hopefully we'll be moving sometime soon, so she'll only have a couple appts with them… And yeah, I thought the same thing about the names! haha (guess I'm a dork too!)

  4. Wow, Liv did so well at her apptmt and she's so tall! Olivia is only 25-50% percentile for height but hey she has pocket sized parents so what can I expect? Haha!

    Olivia was a cry baby…doh.

    Good luck with solids! We started Olivia on solids a couple weeks ago and yeah…stinky diapers…

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