Hollah! weenie

Exhausted!! I just got home, it’s been a long but super fun day. I started on my costume around 11am. I am Mrs. Procrastinator when it comes to getting ready. I somehow get wrapped up in doing my hair and makeup and it ends up taking HOURS!! I feel like putting on make up is my primal ritual, similiar to Joan Crawford’s regime in Mommy Dearest, it feels cathartic for me. I would go without food so I could buy a new shadow. I have trouble walking past a Sephora without peeking in. I really get stopped on the street by folks inquiring about my makeup. Well, today I used a TON of makeup so I decided to document what went into my 60’s look.

Fresh faced, I use Eucalyptus & Tree Tea oil facial wash from The Body Shop
My foundation is heavier than I would wear regularly. I knew I would need long term coverage so I broke out the what Antz likes to refer to as “Clown face” My everyday base: Smashbox Tint w/SPF 45, MAC Prep + Prime *for my eyelids, this is what keeps my eyeshadow bright* and I use my MAC concealer brush to apply the base *I try not to use my fingers to apply makeup because it smudges and adds oil to my face.*
After applying Smashbox Photo Finish primer *the best for photos, diminishes oily T-zone* I used Nars  foundation in Tahoe, mixed with Smashbox in Medium M2, I also used MAC Studio Sculpt concealer to cover my dark undereye bags and MAC Select Cover-Up as my highlighter *on my jaw bone and bow bone* 
I hardly use liquid liner because I pretty much use my MAC Kohl eyeliner in Smolder everyday but since I wanted a Bridgette Bardot eye, I lined my upper lid with Urban Decay liquid liner in Revolver. Lower lids I used Nars eyeliner in Black Moon *for my wings*
I only wear falsies for special occasions so they are perfect for a 60’s look *love that period in fashion* I like fake lashes by Japonesque these have a crisscross pattern and a hint of shimmer *I have a pair by Makeup Forever with feathers on them, they are mega fierce*
An hour in…I even used lip liner *which I never do because my lips are crooked* Nars lip liner in Jungle Red
So what kind of weirdo uses 3 mascaras?…this guy! I start with MAC Prep + Prime to plump up my puny lashes, then I apply my falsies *which always makes me cry so I have to reapply several coast of foundation and eyeliner* next I use Maybelline XXX *they are the BEST for mascara* and finish with a coat of Great Lash *and pray I don’t look like Tammy Faye Baker*
Shadow is my favorite part. I usually love to go nuts with wacky colors but since I was going for a conservative look, I chose warm browns: Nars Duo in Balthazar, Nars shadow in Goldfinger to highlight and MAC in Amber Lights and Coppering. I typically use Nars brushes for a majority of my makeup but for my eyes I am partial to my Chanel brushes. They cost an arm and a leg but they are totally worth the investment *I will hand them down to Liv* The secret to blending and making a dramatic eye is well-kept brushes, I wash my brushes with baby shampoo and let them air dry overnight. The better quality your brush, the less product you end up using. This is as close as I will ever get to wearing Chanel. 🙁

Next is blush: Nars in Amour and I wait till I have finshed my hair before I put on my lipstick *blow drying my hair is not fun when I have lipstick on*

Hair products are my crack, I am a sucker for great hair products, I use Bumble & Bumble Smoothing Creme prior to blow drying, then after I flat iron it to death I use a serum to control my frizz. Because I had my Snookie pomp going on I used Sebastian holding hair spray which holds without feeling like glue.
So I finish with MAC Fix+ Mist *it’s supposed to set your face so your makeup won’t run/streak but I think I got tricked into buy a $19 bottle of water*
Here’s my final face *along with my lovely fairy*
We made it to Antz job just in time for the costume contest
My vote goes for Monkey Business Antz *why did he think his banana was a cell phone?*
Banana vs Monkey
Dave was some dude from Resident Evil
Never found out who Jack was
Story was adorable Hit-Girl from Kick Ass *sooo appropriate for her*
Nic was a convict *I think she was channeling Lil’ Wayne* but she was carrying a butcher knife…?
Vinnie was awesome as Ash from Army of Darkness, his chainsaw even worked!

 Natalie and Tom *also from Resident Evil*…ahhh those gamers!!
Heather is a wench… what? she is!!
Leslie, I mean Emily the Strange and kitty Joice *super cute*
Godmom and Liv
Cheer Squad *they won 2nd place*
Jem is truly outrageous!!
Jeff is a Batman fanatic *last year he won as Two-Face* he actually shaved his hair into a question mark.
Jeff is serious about his Batman
Alas, the winner *umm, forgot her name* but she deserved it, the game actually worked!!
She is known for her awesome costumes, last year she won as this…
she said she was retiring from the contest because she wanted to give someone else a chance to win, haha! After the contest Liv and I hung out in Antz office while he finished up some work.
He has quite the toy collection *most of these were his when he was a little boy*
Then it was time to head over to the Nickelodeon Studios party in Burbank.
I made myself right at home with the food booths

Family Portrait
Ok, this guy rules at life, He had the BEST costume I have ever seen. This shit deserves a drumroll….
I grabbed him for a pic, his hat spun around and lit up, it was SUPER RAD!!!
I love the Team Zissou crew *one of my favorite movies*
This guy was awesome, I think he was Grady from The Shining *my #1* but it wasn’t clear because he was a bellhop and Grady was the caretaker…either way he had an awesome suitcase with stickers from the Shining so he was alright in my book.
Antz and some random guy
Leela from Futurama
Story came with us but left early because she had to walk her doggie.
There was tons of activities *face painting, pumpkin and cookie decorating, slime making, that’s Nick for ya*
Inside the whole office was converted into a series of mazes. The first ones were pretty lame but they had a Alice in Wonderland one that was really cool.
There was an actual rabbit hole that you have to crawl through
That’s Antz monkey mask in the pics, he didn’t even know it was in the way

There was close to 12 mazes total and at the end of each one they gave out candy
Our Loot! We weren’t greedy *this time*
We hung out in the lounge with Leslie & Stephen *not that many folks from Antz job came*

A bunch of folks came up to us to tell us how adorable Olivia is, one lady even took pictures of her. She had a ball! We were so happy to have her with us this year *for the past 10 years we’ve been saying how cool it would be to bring a baby to an event like this* Sadly there was no Yo Gabba Gabba! characters but we had a blast anyway. I can’t believe we have 2 parties tomorrow and we are taking Antz sister to the animal shelter to help her pick out a new kitty. Then Sunday we are going to the Venice canals to trick or treat, Whew, I am super tired. Mix tape Friday will have to take a rain check for next week.
Nighty Night!!

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