30 Days of Thanks

I have been seeing a bunch of my friends on facebook status giving their daily thanks so I think I’ll pass around some Thankies. Now typically, I am a mean girl, *borderline evil* and crotchety so throwing thank you’s around is quite rare for me. However, I am trying to cleanse my *grouchy* kharma and remembering to say please and thank you *so Olivia doesn’t pick up on my foul-mouthed, bad manners*

Day #1: I am thankful that my hubby has a fantastic job.

*His birthday last year*

When I met him 14 years ago, he was working at Gymboree at the mall and Aaron Bros. *not exactly sexy professions* I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up and he said, very simply, “I just want to draw all day.” He went to Art College but he didn’t know how to get into the major studios *it’s all about who you know in LA* so one day in 2000, when he told me his friend from Aaron Bros told him to apply to an website, I was quite skeptical. Particularly since dot.coms were going bankrupt like crazy and I was hoping he would get a job at Disney. Well, he got the job at an unknown start-up company in Glendale *which was an hour and a half each way commute* at what I thought was a joke salary. Despite my reservations, he was doing what he loved, and excelling at it. Character artist, then Lead Artist, then Art Manager and now Creative Studio Director…and ten years later we have been more than fortunate. His job has provided more than just finanical stability for us. We had the fortune to travel, *sometimes I even tagged along* to Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore *3 times* London and all over the US; Boston, Chicago *we spent our anniversary there and his boss got us a suite at the Sofitel hotel, so much fun* New York a bunch of times, Knoxville, Orlando, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

*I’m sure I’m forgetting some places*. Antz has filled his passport book with exotic locales that he probably wouldn’t have ever thought to have gone. He also has had his share of celebrity mingling. He drew some characters for baby Suri Cruise when she was born. We have been able to attend the Kid’s Choice Awards *3 times* where I met Jodie Foster at the after-party. Can’t wait until Liv is old enough to go.

I couldn’t sneak my camera in so I had to use my iphone *with no flash* so I tried my best, can you spot Jack Black on the stage? He was the host.
I totally geeked out when I met her, she was super cordial and graciously posed even though her sons were waiting for her.

Mtv Movie Awards Me & Flav

I can honestly say the best thing to come from his job and what I am thankful are 2 things that mean the most. The fact that he works 15 minutes away and can leave work at anytime to come home for lunch, he hasn’t missed one doctor appt. and his job really makes him happy. I also cherish our awesome group of friends. We have travelled together, partied together, eaten *hundreds of dinner and movies* together.

My 27th Birthday *eons ago* at Medieval Times
At Knott’s Scary Farm way back in 2002!!
Anthony’s 34th Birthday at the Edison Bar
Natalie & Vinny’s Wedding last October
Wine Tasting last month
I love my friends and I am so friggen THANKFUL!!!

3 thoughts on “30 Days of Thanks

  1. That is DEFINITELY something to be thankful for! Sounds like such an awesome job your hubby has! Wish I could draw as awesomely (IDK if that's even a word, but it is now!) as he does! Unfortunately, I was not given such an amazing skill as he.. Just think of how great it'll be for Liv growing up.. That's definitely one thing I want for Lily. Is to get to travel and see the world and experience new & exciting things that different places have to offer. I was fortunate enough to be able to travel different places, but I'd love to see & do so much more with her! Count your lucky stars you have the means to be able to do so! & good for Antz! So many people live their lives not knowing what they want to do, or what they're passionate about, or do, and just can't get a job doing it, and he was fortunate enough to! Great post, hun!

  2. He is really super talented! He's been drawing since he could write. I am so proud of him.

    Antz went to Taiwan and besides the weird smells, he had a great time. Singapore was his favorite place *where he tried crispy fried pigeon* I am hoping to take Liv to Shanghai, Bali and Thailand.

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