The Best….

Documentaries I have seen.

This is one of my most favorite documentaries. I am a huge fan of Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Buff Monster and Invader *I even went on a Banksy hunt in LA* As much as I dispise tagging, I adore street art.

Exit Through the Gift Shop

Brilliant and insightful look into public charter schools and the admission process. All parents should be required to watch this film.

Waiting for Superman

I saw this fun film twice when I was preggers. Super adorable!


If you enjoy fashion, this is a great peek into the behind the scenes madness of putting together the most popular month’s issue of Vogue. I immediately fell in love with Grace Coddington.

The September Issue

As a kid, my Mom bought me an origami set and I spent hours trying to perfect my paper cranes. I have been fascinated with the art ever since. It’s mind blowing what some people can create with a piece of ordinary paper.

Between the Folds

The film is incredible. Tucked away in a tiny spot in a train station, this sushi restaurant is home to the world’s best sushi chef. I hope to one day dine there.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi

This is one of the first documentaries I saw in theaters. Michael Moore is the Quentin Tarantino of docs. I love his ballsy moves and he asks the right questions *although no one seems to have the right answer* Riveting.

Bowling for Columbine

As controversial and neurotic as he is, I still like Woody. He’s a great filmmaker and he’s into jazz. This is a entertaining film.

Woody Allen A Documentary

This guy is all kinds of awesome

Bill Cunningham New York

I LOVE this guy!! You will spend most of the movie holding your breath and saying this guy is crazy but it’s a lovely film.

Man on a Wire

*Update* I had to add one more. I was in tears while watching this documentary about the life of various aged ballet dancers around the world. They danced for coveted positions with prestigious ballet schools and companies. It simultaneously makes me want to put Liv in a serious ballet curriculum so she could possibly one day become a ballerina if she chose but also want to keep her from the horrors most dancers endure *rigourous, painful training, expensive, overly-competitive and ruining your feet!* Right now she loves going to ballet class and as long as it’s fun and we can afford it, we’ll keep at it.

First Position (2011) Poster
First Position

These are all available on instant Netflix. Happy Thursday!

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