Dia de los Muertos

Yep last night was the Day of the Dead and we went to Stephen & Leslie’s charity event in East LA. Since we were on that side of town *sort of* in Arcadia at the mall, we took our tired asses over there. We have been to the event many times before but this was the first time we went to it at the Civic Center. You may remember this place from my hunt for fresh roasted peanuts a while back. I was shocked to how crowded it was. We thought we would never find Les in the crowd but you couldn’t miss her rad hat. There was a live band, tons of arts & crafts for sale, I was looking for rad hairbows for Liv *and myself* but the ones I liked were a bit pricy and Antz kept telling me he could make it himself for me *we shall see*. We did pick up a pair of pink Calaveras bows for Liv. I am super tired, so I’m going to upload these pics and edit the post tomorrow morning when my brain is functioning properly. Nights!


I am a creature of random habits and on the drive home I ended up driving over a bridge so I had to bust out my jump shot *despite Antz telling me how dangerous it was that I was pulled over on a bridge* I couldn’t get a good jump shot so I became determined to get a rad jumping shot somewhere cool. Our destination was right in front of us. We were in Little Tokyo and I saw the Kyoto Grand hotel *a place I’ve wanted to check out for years* We sauntered in like guests of the hotel and headed up to the 3rd floor which is the garden level. Antz & I got some pretty sweet shots but I am sad my cellulite made an unexpected appearance in some of my jumps.

After an hour of jumping all over the place like a flea, I realized the joke was on me because Antz seemed to accidently miss my jumps and tricked me into a workout *my legs are still sore*

Yay, chairs are my friends. So I got my fill of whacky photos so we went home and Antz did some voodoo magic *he wore Liv in the BabyHawk for a few hours while he used his laptop* and kept her asleep in her crib *so far, so good* Dr. Wang said once we start feeding her solids, she should go back to sleeping through the night. *Choir of Angels singing, HALLELUJAH*

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