Good Times

Whew, what a busy, super fun weekend. It started off with a package arriving on Saturday morning whilst *love British words* Antz & I were cleaning the house.

YAY!! Presents, not really but I was excited to get Liv’s cookbook just in time for us to go to the farmers market to buy veggies. We packed up several bags of old junk *we were hoarding in the corner of our living room* and took it to LAfreestore. It wasn’t as big as I thought it was but they snapped up our stuff right away.

Goodbye yoga junk!!

They gave us stickers with our trades so we could swap, mine was baker, a ton of people came up to say hi to me!
These cool chicks were running the show
This guy snapped up Antz shirt!

If I were to get chickens *which I wouldn’t* I would want them to live in this lovely house

We didn’t see anything we liked
We ran some errands *bank, World Market and Whole Foods* then got home in time to get dressed for….
We met Dave & Nadya there
Charlie was super stoked for sushi
The food is served on conveyor belt boats that float by and you grab what you want. It’s super cute but we ended up overeating.
I had the waitress take our pic… *nerdy!*

Yummers, we ate sooo much!!
Unagi eel is my favorite

After eluding me all night, I finally got a pic of our chef, he was shy but sweet

16 plates!!! They charge by the color of your plates, black is most expensive, that was the best ones!!

I think I have a new favorite sushi place *sorry Tenno Sushi*
Today we went to the Larchmont Village farmers market to shop for veggies and flowers. I really love Larchmont but it’s surrounded by gross neighborhoods and it’s ridiculously overpriced.  

Our persimmons never look this awesome
Larchmont Village is one of my favorite places
Here’s the winners…rainbow chard and kale. We are starting off strong, screw you butternut squash!!

Everything looks yummy Mommy!

I had my eye on this turqouise necklace….

Cobb & Jennifer came over for a playdate with their baby, Charlotte *she’s 5 days older then Liv*. We had so much fun talking about our baby’s milestones. The girls were sooo cute together and they were talking up a storm.

Future Friends Forever, how cute are they???

We had some wholesome family fun. I feel like I talked too much but I tend to do that. We are pretty much in agreement with each other’s parenting styles. I wish they could go to the same school but Cobb & Jenn live in Montrose and that’s a bit far for us *plus, I love Camelot Kids* They invited us to their house in 2 weeks so I’m looking forward to another playdate *for us parents* It’s nice to chat with friends with babies since I’m sure I’m boring our other friends out of their mind discussing poopy diapers and saggy boobs. I’m so tired, haven’t had a chance to laze out all weekend so I’ve got to watch Amazing Race after Liv goes to bed.
Bonne Nuit!!

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