Some Things are Big, Some Things are Small

This is a video from Yo Gabbs that is my favorite:

However the message is resonating with me a lot. Mommy is big and wants to be small. I have slacked the past five months under the guise that I “just” had a baby and I would get back in shape when she’s older. Well, she’s old enough and I can’t be that Mommy at the playground who’s too fat, too lazy and too embarrassing to run around with her kid.


Everyone keeps telling me, she’s going to start crawling soon and you’ll never sit down again. We are close to selling her bassinet and swing because she’s too big for them so I won’t be able to put her down, I’ll be carrying her all the time and so far, it’s tough. She’s 15 pounds and my arms are killing me! I have been faking like volleyball has been sufficient exercise but I know the truth. I should be hiking, swimming and biking every week. Maybe if the weather is nice we’ll take Liv on our favorite hike in Malibu.

Liz in a not-too super size

Our *only* baby friends, Cobb & Jennifer will be coming over tomorrow with their baby, Charlotte for tea so we have to clean our dungeon hardcore. Antz is giving Max a bath, I’m on floor duty and Liv is hanging in her nursery having a conversation with her self *HAPPY HAPPY she’s talking again* I wonder if they want to go on a hike with us? It’s super easy but it’s pretty long and I don’t know how the girls will do. On second thought, maybe a hike is a bit much since the weather has been pretty cold but we can definitely go to the Larchmont farmer’s market and stock up on veggies since we are starting them next week. Well, the time has come for my lazy Liz rebellion *wahh!* Ugh, I need some energy!

*the Bingo Wings as Antz calls them, has got to go!!*

Since we are having company tomorrow, it’s a good time to take all our junk *a pile has been accumulating in the corner of the living room to a place in Highland Park called LAfreestore. It’s a terrific concept, drop off stuff, pick up stuff, Simple! I know Antz thinks he gonna score some treasure but I think our stuff will be the best there *we are getting rid of brand new stuff/clothes Olivia can no longer use* and I’m getting rid of my prenatal yoga mats because mine are too short for me and I always end up using the yoga studio’s mat. We also have a ton of candles that my Mom’s best friend, Debbie gave us but we don’t have room for them. It’s definitely going to be a score for someone else. I would love to find a shelf similar to this yellow one.

I want to put in the nursery for her books *which are starting to overflow on her bookshelf*

Tonight we are double dating with our friend Dave and his date, Nadya *I’m looking forward to discussing Europe and her hometown in Russia* we are going to A’float Sushi which has a conveyor belt of boats with sushi on them floating along a tiny river in the restaurant. I’ll take pictures since that was a poor explanation.

I am sooo eager beaver because I ordered a bunch of stuff for Liv. I got these hairbows *in red* from Etsy.


A bunch of stuff from this shop, All Aboard Toys



Her dishware and recipe book from Amazon has been shipped so I am waiting….waiting…

Day #8…I am super thankies that we are getting rid of our junk and mega cleaning our house. I am sure all the dust is not good for us or Olivia. I really love our pets but they make soo much pet dander. I am thinking it may be a good idea to get an air purifier for Liv’s nursery. We are about to go to LAfreestore and then we are going to Anthro to check out the teapot I saw on sale the other day *see, I knew I should have bought it then* I know it will be gone just because I want it *LAME*

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