You’ve made my Pet Peeve List

Lady at Michael’s who saw that I was waiting patiently with my daughter as the next customer in line, you ran over when a new registered opened up and cut and made no apologies about it. You are the Grinch who smells like fart and you live alone in a dark apartment with 17 cats and you eat the same soup every night while watching the Lifetime channel.

Seriously, why is it the closer to the holidays we get, the shittier people behave? This entire weekend I was apprehensive to go out into the fray because big crowds equal major bummers. I can’t stand the parking situations, the ridiculousness when it comes to what used to be simple shopping now is dog-eat-dog, I’ll trample over your ass, and aisles of disarray. It’s not just the people, I’m looking at your GIANT EVIL CORPORATIONS!!! Example, I happily shopped online last month when I was invited to the Friends & Family 30% discount for BabyGap. I love this sale because 5% of whatever you spend goes to the charity of your choice *World Wildlife Fund*. I was able to buy all her holiday clothes online before they were in stores and I saved about $85, I was perfectly content. Then Gap decides, a few weeks ago, to have a one day only in-store sale where everything *even sale items* was 40% off. Well!! I went to the mall and amid the pandemonium I saw almost everything I just purchased for Liv online, in store! I could have saved 40% but I wasn’t that ticked since my money went to charity. Antz and I picked up a few things *well, the few things we could find in the huge piles of clothes since the store looked like a hurricane hit it* and we felt good about our savings….UNTIL…Black Friday decided to show it’s ugly side and of course, Gap decided to have another one day only sale on Saturday where the entire store was 50% off. Talk about con-artists! This is why I was so reluctant to buy our Samsung TV from Best Buy. I ended up calling and actually talking to a rep that found a terrific price $497.99 *I was going to pay $699.99 online* so I was quite pleased with this particular purchase *we are picking it up on Wednesday* but I’m certain that by Christmas that same TV will go on sale for 99¢!! I am usually all about the holiday cheer and I do enjoy many aspects about the holidays but I do have a few, small pet peeves:

Christmas Lights. I love seeing houses lit/decorated for the holidays but what drives me crazy is when *lazy, jerks* put up lights and half don’t work!! Or…please, for the love of God, Don’t mix white lights with color lights on the same string. Do you even know how crappy this looks? Or decorate ONE window half-assed with a sad string just throw around…what’s the point? As someone who lives in Los Angeles *eye roll* this should be a crime that needs to be punishable by law…Take you freaking lights down the first week of January!!! Oh my Gawd, pretty much every house in my neighborhood leaves their Christmas lights up ALL YEAR LONG and then they don’t even bother to turn them on during the holidays, SHEESH!!
My email inbox. Every hour I am getting close to 100 emails from various companies telling me about their Black Friday/Cyber Monday/Hanukkah sales. You are coming off as desperate *Toys R Us and Overstock* I heard you the first time. I am avoiding you on purpose. I got your ad in the mail, I saw your commercial on TV and now you’re bombarding me into submission. No way, Jose!! I am super close to taking my email off your list. You can take your measly 10% off and shove it!! And while we’re on the topic, how about you magazine companies relax with the 25 subscription cards in the mags. If I want a subscription, I know how to contact you. Do I really need every other page to be full of these annoying pieces of paper reminding me of what an idiot I am for paying full price for this issue when I could pay $10 a year??!! If I had a nickel for every subscription card…I would be a billionaire!!
Chick Fil-a. Okay, maybe this isn’t an actual “peeve” but I am totally passing the buck on this one and I blame them for opening a new restaurant in LA *and soon to be Hollywood* which has made it easier for me to frequently order their delectable chicken which is making my ass ENORMOUS!! I point the finger at you Cinnabon, for my double chin that is causing me to cringe whenever I see photos of myself. Why must you make food that is sooo scrumptious that makes me drool?? I have no tolerance for yumminess 🙁
Back to you Corporate No-Gooders!! Target, Home Depot, Vons and all you other wretched companies that are too friggen cheap to buy some new grocery carts. I am sooo sick up using the wonky, loud as fuck, disease-infested, dirty carts to put my lovely wares and food in while I shop. I have found myself looking for new Targets just so I can have a cart that has all 4 wheels working. Or what’s up with never finding a cart in the store? I can’t believe last week I had to go out in the parking lot to hunt one down, really? I work here now!! I can’t be the only one who finds this to be beyond annoying?
I could go on and on but I am currently most annoyed with Blogger, yep I said it! Why must I upload my photos one at a time now? It has taken me almost 3 hours to upload my Yo Gabba Gabba pictures. It’s so bad that I have started to delay my posts because I’m too annoyed to add photos. What’s the deal with that? Antz is telling me to cross over and host my own blog but I’m not that fancy, programming savvy nor do I feel that I’m even remotely that entertaining. Alas, I shall upload my loot from Michael’s.

I am using the cellophane bags for our Christmas cookies *I have to make 50 bags*  I picked up these gift tags at Target Saturday for a mere $4!!

Did I mention I almost choked to death and died whilst eating a pomergrante last night? I am OBSESSED with poms, they are soooo fucking tasty!!! I eat like 3 a day 🙂

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