Turkey Day Weekend Wrap Up

Whoa, these past 4 days have been a blur. Saturday felt like Sunday so we spent a majority of it on our laptops *it took me hours to upload all the YGG pics* and finally we went out to Anthropologie’s sale. I am surprised I was so adult about things, I only bought 2 things…the fish cardigan for Liv and the Printers Letter Stand for me!!!

Liv’s new buddy, Ellington the Giraffe

Oh, how lovely, I adore this stemware but I couldn’t fathom washing them in our sink *I am clinically clumsy*

The Americana was surprisingly mellow and looked beautiful, we even found a nice gentleman to take our pics in front of ole Santie’s crib

I could have easily broke the bank and bought more clothes for Liv but they were still priced high *despite their definition of a sale* and they are all 12 – 18 months so it would be awhile before she could wear them. We may get her the Schooner dress but if it goes down in price.

Here’s my new Printer’s Stand Letter. I chose a B for our nicknames for each other *it’s not BITCH!*

*Ick, what a bland mantle, we need some garland or candles*

We headed over to Target so I could get some get some inspiration for Christmas decor but I wasn’t too impressed. The aisles were so crowded, I could hardly navigate with Liv’s stroller and the merchandise looked cheap and tacky.

Blah, yawn, too traditional for my taste!

My camera couldn’t pick up the hotness of this pink magenta but it was nice

I like the size and style of these ornaments

I like the color palette of these ornaments, blue and copper could be a nice contrast.

Overall, I wasn’t loving anything which is fine since I’m still holding out on buying new decoration until we get our Dream House and I can buy my sweet pink tree. We only got a few things and tons of cookie mix for Christmas gifts. We met Story & Chris for pizza and hung out at their place for awhile. We hadn’t hung out together in forever so it was awesome to catch up with them and give them some “Liv time”

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