I’m frumpulous!!

Yep, that’s me. I am not glamorous nor fabulous. I am queen of the frumps! I spend Tuesday pretty much bummed out because I did an unwise thing by watching the Vicky’s Secret Fashion show. I watch it every year *I love runway shows and I love to see the hair & makeup* but this year sparked something in me as I watched these *pretty sure they are human* women with proportions that resemble Barbie.

I also want to know where did they get the technology to photoshop televison because mine seems to show the models with legs as long as a giraffe’s. There once was a time, eons ago when I too had pretty decent legs. I only had one chin and I did not have what my husband lovely refers to as “Bingo wings

Liz & Antz circa 1996 *I get a 90’s pass for my purse and shoes*
Then I had my “faux modeling” stint in 2000

I admit, I’m no Dita Von Teese, and I do have my share of cellulite but I was alot toner and I *tried* to exude some sort of sex appeal. This is a problem. I am not vain however, I loooove to take pictures, well, take pictures to show to others. I have quite the reputation for pulling aside a stranger to show off my daughter, or our house, or the latest veggie I found at the farmers market that week. Antz may call it showing off, I call it my visual aid. Anyway, I have a situation and it’s not abs…more about a flab situation!! I can no longer hide it. I have been looking hideous in photos *as well as in person* lately

This was last night at the Atwater Village Tree Lighting ceremony. I couldn’t find one single photo were I look halfway decent. We had a good time, that afternoon I went to Target for our weekly date with Aimee

Antz dressed Liv for her 6 months and she looks absolutely ADORABLE!! I love how cute she is, my little ruffle butt!!! She was gently tormenting Lola.

I live for this smile!

This extraordinary creature is 6 months old!

So, I picked up Antz Mom and we went to Atwater. I remember being preggo last year at the ceremony and how excited I was to finally have a kid at an event like that. We got a photo with Olivia and Santa but for the life of me, I cannot figure out the setting on the camera so it didn’t come out so great.

The tree has greatly improved from last year

button your shirt, dork!

Santa really has that crystal meth look in his eyes

Our crazy-eyes Santa portrait

My lovely Atwater Village, when will you be mine?

I find bagpipes to be quite sexy
We went down the street to the Americana to show Olivia the Christmas lights and stop by Anthropologie.

Icky, chubbs!!

Well, I leave you with yet another vignette from my ever-growing list of Pet Peeves. Whilst driving to Aimee’s yesterday, I had to snap a photo of this disgusting trend.
So this kid must be like 12 and even if he were the adequate age for this stroller, couldn’t he use the exercise? Whoa, that was the pot calling the kettle black, eh?

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