The Happy, Happy Post

I seem to be pretty disgruntled lately, I was looking at my last few posts and I’ve been on a emo, angst-ridden campaign. I took my dose of Prozac and as Aimee loves to tell me, “Spider Mike says chill the fuck out!” *sorry, inside joke* and now I feel much better. Today *after spending all morning with the DirecTV guy* I finally got our new telly/DVR set up.

I love you, technology!
Buh Bye old satellite
Hello, new fancy-pants HD Dish


That’s the good news, on the bad news side I still can’t get our Wii and our new surround sound system working. I am at a loss. I’ll have to find a video on youtube because I am standing here with question marks over my head. The new DVR is HDTV but I really don’t see a difference, my friend told me I need to change my settings. Well, I bought the wrong printer ink from Target yesterday *this is the second time I’ve done this* so I had to exchange it. I checked out the Christmas decor aisles to see what I could jazz up the house with so maybe some Holiday cheer can melt my icy, black, Scroogey heart. I still haven’t found anything that blew me away so I popped into Macys *my Target is in the lamest mall in the planet but at least there’s a Macys* The decor was pretty but a little too frou frou for my taste.

My iphone camera didn’t really capture the true essence of this cupcake tree. Well, I found a few things to spruce up the fireplace mantle *and showcase my new B stand from Anthro!*

Me and my bright ideas. I put up the garland and while I was humming silver bells and putting away the groceries, I heard the garland fall and a tragic shattering followed. LAME!! I accidentally maimed my groom Calavera that Story & Chris brought us from New Orleans. I thought, okay, I can salvage him, I’ve got krazy glue. Well, I tried to gather his broken body and I only recovered his legs and torso. Sadly, I couldn’t locate his decapitated head. I feel horrible!


*My headless Groom*
On a lighter side…I got my stand mixer on Thursday. I was out all day so I didn’t get to play with it yet but I’ll whip up something this weekend.
Sooo pretty!! I was jumping up and down when I got the box *which was as big as our house*
Today we are meeting Jenn, Cobb & Charlotte at the Hollywood farmers market. Last night Story made an impromptu appearance which was great because she helped me set up the HD *I really see a difference now, whoa* and I set up the Wii *still clueless about the surround sound*
Tomorrow I’m going to see Black Swan with Aimee
Antz is babysitting for me. I love Darren Aronofsky. Requiem for a Dream is one of my fave movies and I really loved The Wrestler *I really gravitate to dark, depraved films*

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