Dizzzneeeland & Cali Adventchaaas!

We didn’t leave the house until 2pm *way to procrastinate Liz!!* However, it was sort of worth the late start because I straightened my hair so I wouldn’t look too embarrassing

My ‘fro last weekend at the Hollywood farmers market

Now although everyone keeps telling me my hair looks full and lush, they don’t understand how devastated I’ve been for the last 2 months because what they do not tell you in breastfeeding class is your hair starts to fall the fuck out!!! What kind of twisted sense of humor does nature have by rewarding the booby-feeding Mommy’s with bald patches?! I was crying in the shower when I saw how much hair was in the hair trap. I’ve even tried to camouflage it with headbands
 and wearing hats all the time.

Me & Mummy 
Well, we hit the road just before the 3pm traffic so it only took about 40 minutes to get to Anaheim. I was so surprised how many folks were still arriving at 3 *the park closed at 6* but it turned out that the reason the park was closing at 6pm was because the staff was having their company party that night. Grr!
The plan was to track down Mickey so we could get a pic for our Christmas card but that didn’t happen. We did get a few in front of the huge Christmas Tree that were great, but Liv’s collar from her coat was blocking her face so we will probably take a pic at home and use that. When we got in the park everyone was lining up for a parade so most of the park was roped off so we couldn’t find Mickey. We spent almost 20 minutes in line just to get a corn dog *so yummy*. Then we hurried over to Fantasyland to ride Dumbo, Casey Circus Train ride and It’s a Small World. I tried to get Fast Pass tickets for Haunted Mansion but it was already 5pm so they weren’t giving them out *BOO* We bought the only hat that *almost* fit Liv’s tiny head and I got some new ears. We didn’t find any ears that we liked for Antz so he just stuck with his beanie. We didn’t have any trouble getting people to take our pic since we would offer to take their picture, then they would take ours *and luckily noone cut our heads off* Liv seemed to not care at all about being at Disneyland but she did enjoy It’s a Small World *which has been totally redone for Christmas* Speaking of It’s a Small World, can you believe Antz & I made a new friend while waiting in line!! We were taking pics and I kept complaining that I couldn’t get all of us with the Nikon *I was using the big lens that couldn’t take close up photos* so this chick behind us offered to take our pic. She was saying how she understands when you get home and there’s all these pictures of just the 2 of you. We started talking and she told us she was preggo and due in 2 weeks!! She had a 3 year old daughter with her and she was speaking Finnish to her. OMG!! I almost died, I told her how much I love Europe and how mega rad it was that her daughter spoke Finnish. She ended up riding with us on It’s a Small World because we were so engrossed in conversation. I barely remembered to take pics/video. She was sooo awesome, I added her to my facebook and got her phone number. She invited us to her daughter’s birthday in January and if she hasn’t delivered yet, we are planning to meet at the Long Beach Aquarium during Christmas week. By the time the Small World ride was over, the park had closed so we walked over to California Adventures. We hugged and said goodbye, it was crazy, like I knew this chick my entire life. My new friend, Aura told me that just last week someone stole her Bugaboo stroller with her diaperbag and her camara in the bottom basket, MAJOR LAME!! The entire time Antz kept telling me someone is going to steal our stroller but I kept telling him, who comes to Disneyland to steal strollers? Apparently some assholes are that evil to take a baby’s stroller! We know for sure when we come back in February, we won’t bring the stroller. Liv stayed in the BabyHawk most of the time anyway.

Antz and I picked up our pre-paid World of Color show picnics *super gross, I threw mine away* but it included VIP seating for the show so we were right in the front *although we had to stand and waited for almost an hour* The show was really incredible. It was a mix of a water show *like the Belliagio in Las Vegas* and a Disney concert. Liv’s eyes looked like they were about to pop out of her head watching the show. She really loved the water effects and we danced to the music. We stopped by a gift shop on the way out and bought a new frame for Antz desk.

I forgot to get pins but we got Liv a bunch of buttons and a light-up Mickey toy. I really needed to find some gloves for her but I couldn’t find any in her size. We left at 9 and drove around forever because we couldn’t make up our mind for what to eat for dinner. We ended up going to a dive hamburger place in Alhambra that was too expensive *$18 for an avocado burger and 4 tacos!* I’m so glad Liv enjoyed her 1st trip to Disneyland because we are going again in February with Sarah to take pics and we should get some amazing photos.

I LOVE how the wide lens pictures turn out but it’s annoying that you can’t take any close ups. We used the Canon Powershot for close ups but they didn’t come out as nice as the Nikon.

We made the major mistake of not bringing her warm hat because I thought she would be wearing her ears most of the time, but I should know better, it was pretty windy and cold.

This one was taken by a cast member, I like it, but I want one with Liv wearing her ears for the Christmas Card

Not liking any of these hats, is it me or do they look like they are from Big Lots or Kmart?

Love the guy who took these for us, they came out perfect…

If only Liv’s coat wasn’t blocking her face!!

This tree was ree-dic-u-lous!!!

Liv wasn’t so impressed

Boo, I don’t like overcast skies, Antz thinks it’s great because it wasn’t hot but I’m not down with dreary weather!

I’ve been to Disneyland maybe 20 times and never have seen a line for corn dogs!

Worth $13??

What a huge weiner! *that’s what she said*

Making Liv laugh

Time to buy Liv’s 1st ears

I wanted the retro black ears, but they were much too big

So we got the pink smaller ears and had her name embroidered in the fancy Script font

I am loving this picture *a possible contender for our Christmas Card*

I am dying over her smush face!! In line for Dumbo

Even though I wanted pics of the 3 of us, Antz rode in a car ahead of us to get better shots

Case in point: This was as far as Antz could zoom out to get Dumbo in the shot *lesson learned* use our smaller lens.

I made the car fly up and down but Liv was pretty mellow yellow about the ride. She looks sad but she was like, meh!

Smile for the camera!

The good thing about the large lens is this feature, I love the still shot of us and the blurred background. I don’t know how to do that with the smaller lens.

Antz took about 20 pics of me and Liv before we finally found someone to take a pic of all 3 of us. I can’t wait for Sarah to go to Disneyland with us, I know she will take some amazing shots

While Mommy & Papa feasted on churros….

Liv had Tahitian squash, she chugged it down!

I tried *in vain* to get some shot of New Orleans Square while I was trying to get Fast Pass tickets for Haunted Mansion.

I really believe my camera has epilepsy because these shots are having a seizure! I tried every setting to get the teacups lanterns and this was the best one.

Same with the night setting. I always have trouble with taking pictures of lights. I should take a photography class.

I took these with the Canon and it obviously looks better than the Nikon *BOO*

Our new friend Aura took this shot!

She was conked out at the begining of the ride

I love the ominous path of It’s a Small World as the park shuts down.

Testing out the different night settings *no flash*
Night setting came out better but it’s still blurry *throws hands up, I give up!!*

The best one, I stood on a bench to get this shot.

I breastfed while standing hands-free *well, I was wearing the BabyHawk*

Watching the World of Color Show *Liv was mesmerized*

So, what did I learn? Always pack warm clothes/hat for Liv *even though the diaper bag is full to the max and when ever I do pack extra, I never use it*. We don’t need the stroller, there is a risk it could get stolen and it’s a bitch to fold it up on the tram ride. Plan out our route so we don’t waste time zigzagging around the park. We walked in circles so by the time we got to Cali Adventures I was tired. If I pick up the Fast Pass as soon as we get there we can start in Fantasyland and by the time we ride 4 or 5 rides, it will be time to head over to New Orleans Square. I was never a big fan of Tomorrowland or Frontierland *with the exception of the Jungle Cruise and Pirates* We totally forgot to take Liv to the Finding Nemo Submarine ride. Make sure Liv has a nap before we go, she totally fell asleep at the beginning of It’s a Small World but luckily she woke up midway through. Wait until the end of the day to buy souvenirs, so I won’t have to lug them around. As we were waiting in line for the World of Color show, Antz brought something to my attention that I need to prepare for when we go back in February. He said please think about when you get home and edit all the photos we take so you won’t say to me that you aren’t happy with how the pictures came out. I realize I either end up with too many pics of me & Liv or Antz & Liv. I also take photos of buildings and later I have a what was I thinking moment. So I need to think of the shots I want beforehand. I think the shots we took were okay but they look a bit too posed and predictable. I would like more candid and pictures that show off our personality, not just the same old all 3 of us smiling in front of something pose. I really don’t have to worry, I keep forgetting that I am in good hands with Sarah. 

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