Happy 400th *Wowzers* Post

I have blabbed my mouth *err, typed* 400 times??!! Pop the cork on the champagne, blow a horn as I bow for my standing ovation…oh wait, I was dreaming. I feel like I’m still asleep because I had to get up super early this morning to go with Antz to drop his Mommy off to the bus station. She’s going to her hometown *deep* in Mexico. We were going to take Olivia and go with her to meet her relatives there but we agreed that it would be best to wait until she’s older *and I find a hotel that doesn’t make me feel like I’m a contestant on Survivor* The best part about getting up early is breakfast, we went to Starbuckers and I got two *that’s how greedy I am* cranberry Bliss bars *my absolute favorite pastry in the world* It’s funny how they are only available at Christmas, just like pomergrantes are only available in the fall. All the things I like most are only available for a limited time.

Yesterday was Aimee day, she came over my house *yay* and we went to Target. I’ve been on the hunt for a Bert doll to go with the Ernie doll Aimee gave Liv a few weeks ago. I’m not a big Sesame Street fan but Liv seems to like them and I can’t stand to see these too apart *they are gay lovers you know*

Well, I’d love to continue on about the boring aspects of my day but Antz is having his Secret Santa present exchange today and I’d like to bring cookies to give to our friends so I need to start baking pronto.

By the way, look at what Mr UPS brought me from Amazon!

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