La Tour Eiffel

Well, I’m going to give this another try. I was pretty devastated when I lost those photos but it was a valuable lesson learned. Always back up!

We visited the Eiffel Tower on a gorgeous sunny day. The tower is spectacular and standing underneath it makes you feel so small. It’s hard to describe iron as sexy but the curvy lines are so mesmerizing. I could stare at it all day *which we did* This was one of our favorite memories about our time in Paris. It’s the most touristy thing you can do but it’s also a rite a passage for any visitor to France.


Liv was going insane for ice cream
A history lesson taking place
Give this kid a Popsicle for crying out loud!
This was by far the prettiest carousel


Hello Gorgeous
Best photo ever!
My Bonjour Paris sign was a bust, the wind was against me
This was the best crepe I had in Paris

We finally tore ourselves away from the La dame de fer *The Iron Lady* and decided instead of getting back on the hot metro, it was time for a leisurely river cruise.

This is the bridge we dined on for Le Dîner en Blanc
Museum D’orsay

It was lovely to enjoy a sunny day after so much rain. We finished everything on my to-see list!

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