I used to loathe  potlucks, particularly work ones, but over the years I’ve come to enjoy them even if all I ate was dinner rolls and cranberry juice. Tonight, Les invited us to visit our friend who just had a sweet little guy, Elias. I am so happy we went because we had a super, fantastic time!!

*we made them a personalized name banner as a new bebe gift* shameless plug!


We were so happy to see how cohesively it fit into his nursery *I totes forgot to take a pic but they have it attached to his crib with the cutest Dwell Studio bedding set* The party was in a loft in Downtown LA not far from our friend Carlos’s loft and the Nickel Diner. I love their building, it was modern but had old-timey charm *15 ft ceilings, exposed brick, steel columns, open floor plan* Honestly if it weren’t for the bummers, terrible parking and lack of doggie grass for Max, we would live in a loft in a heartbeat. TOTALLY RAD!!
I busted my ass making vanilla/milk chocolate cupcakes to bring because we were running late *as always, my fault, I’ll explain below* but we made it in time for everyone to start eating.
Eating is an understatement…
I stuffed my double-chin face!! I had shrimp egg rolls, spinach mac & cheese *yesh, I enjoyed veggies* chili beans, crab wontons, and gorged on cheesy potatoes and cheesecake. I must have had 3 helpings *BOO* but I am proud of myself for trying new things and not turning my nose up at home cooked food. Most of the cooks were chefs so I knew I was gonna love everything. After going into a food coma on the couch, we hung out with Les & Stephen and had a blast. Liv was just absolutely darling even though she ate as much as me *avocado, pear juice and plenty of boob* They had the sweetest, most obedient doggy I’ve ever seen, Charlie!! He really impressed me, he didn’t even seem to care that he was surrounded by yummy food. Max would have fainted from the smell alone.
Liv was often found under my hooter hider eating


Party Peeps!!


Godbaby #3…Les is quite popular, we’re lucky to have her!


Antz was being Liv hogger all night, his golden phrase is…”Let me take the baby so you can eat, drink, fill in the blank”



Me and new Mama, Roxanne with her sweet little guy! He practically whispers when he cries, he’s so precious.


We left with enough rice to feed an African village!
Here’s Charlie, my favorite guy!


I love the convenient glory hole in the creepy elevator

So, we had a lovely evening and now I’m anticipating what my Wii Fit trainer will say when I have gained 5 lbs tomorrow. The reason we were rushing all day, I seemed to cram too many errands into one afternoon, as I often do*. We got a late start, I was putting together a photobook to send to my grandmother in Michigan and realized I forgot to print any of Liv’s 5 week photo shoot. I had to go to CVS and print more pics, I admit, I’m going overboard, *300+ photos* but she has never seen Liv so I want her to enjoy this amazing child.

Then we grabbed bagels and picked up some ingredients for the cupcake at Fresh & Easy. I couldn’t resist stopping by Anthropologie since we were in Pasadena and the new spring lines are out. Lucky we did because we happened to score this gnarly cardigan for Liv….for, wait for it….$20!! *High fives self!*



I have never purchased anything from Anthro for $20. It’s size 2T but she’ll be wearing it before her 1st birthday for sure.

I am not a tea drinker *unless I’m sick and I’m forced to* but I love pretty tea sets. I can’t wait to play tea party with Liv!!


I am going to kick myself in the face for not getting this adorable teapot vase. It was only $29.99!! Why do I always pass up the sweet deals only to regret it later??


I adore lower case typewriter font A’s. I really need a reason to have this in my house, A for Antz? How about Awesome??!!
I am 99.9% we are getting these birdie dish towels to replace the *sun-faded* dish towel/curtains in the kitchen
One day you shall be mine Fleur de Lys dinnerware!!
 After Antz forcibly removed me from Anthro, we went by his Mommy’s house to drop off her keys and let her see Liv *since she’s been in Mexico since Dec. 14th* By the time we got home it was 5pm and the party started at 6! ACKK!
Tomorrow we will deep clean this filth-hole and then, time permitting, we will go to the farmers market and pick up some yummy goodness for Olivia. So far so great with avocados *one of my faves*



I LOVE how she is munching and chewing all the time now, she actually smacks her wittle mouth.
I am hoping we’ll be home in time for the Golden Globes *so excited that Ricky Gervais is hosting again* so I’ll most likely be talking shit about how hideous the dresses are and complaining about how none of my faves ever win *although my money is on Nat Portman taking home an armful of Globes!! Loved Black Swan*

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