Cleaning up our Act!

As I mentioned Saturday night, we needed to clean our messy cave. That is precisely what we did Sunday morning/afternoon. I mean, deep clean, moved furniture, mopped, dusted, took everything off the shelves, went to war with the dust bunnies…

I found dust bunnies as big as Olivia under her crib, GRODY!!

I organized and de-cluttered her dresser, she had tons of clothes and accessories she no longer fits

Antz made this adorable little Brobee for her door

All sparkly and clean, too bad there is no smell-a-vision because it smells so yummy in there!
Antz picked up this guy at a Thrift shop on Friday, I wasn’t feeling it at all but I don’t have the crafty insight that he has. He has a total 6th sense when it comes to trash-to-treasure. I was complaining about not having a desk of my own and for $12.50 he went from this…
to this…

LOVE IT!! The color is fantastic, the Anthropologie knob we picked up on Saturday and the matching seat cushion *and chair we weren’t using* He even painted a matching frame for me to use once we get our pics from Disneyland next month
I’ll say it again, my husband is a GENIUS!! Somebody give him a HGTV show!

Now I’m hanging out in the living room more often instead of balancing my laptop in our bedroom. As soon as we finished cleaning and got all spiffy to go to Target *to check out the new Splendid Baby line* my Mommy stopped by. We took her next door to show her the neighbors house *there was an open house* and we found out that they dropped the price from $469k to $399k, short sale 🙁 BOO! That makes me sad but seeing the condition they left their house sort of gives me hope. They basically moved and didn’t clean, paint or make any repairs. The house is similar to ours in square footage and amenities
although they had their foundation repaired and they rebuilt their fireplace, they don’t have as much charm.
The entire house has popcorn ceilings *obviously disguising cracks*
I do like the dining room built ins and they have orginal windows like ours and Tiffany light fixtures.
the kitchen is smaller than ours.
They do have a lovely tiered landscaped backyard and a screened porch with a bathroom in their over the garage guest house. They also left their fridge, stove and this play set with the house.
I guess it’s what I expected in this market, most houses in this area are listed in the $250’s YIKES!! Their realtor is coming over this Sunday to assess our place and give us some advice on where to put our money. She is a well-known agent in this neighborhood so it would be amazing to hear what she thinks of the place.  After the open house, we went to Fresh & Easy and picked up some dinner. Antz cooked while my Mommy and I played with Liv. Antz made a yummy dinner and my Mommy showed us a documentary she had been working on for months. I am super proud of her, it looked really professional and the music she created sounded rad!

Happily, Antz had Monday off so we went to lunch with Story. Chris had to work so we picked him and some of his co-workers up and we went to this cute place called Grub.

The food was really yummy, and we had a great time until Liv started trying to eat the plants! We missed out on the farmers market so we picked up Spuzz and our friend Dave came over our house with his doggie, Bam Bam. We hung out in the backyard with the dogs *Max was super happy to have a dogdate* and the weather was beautiful. After Story & Dave left, we went to Atwater Village to sign up for the World Citizen dance class *but it was full so we have to wait until March* it’s actually better because Liv will be old enough to take the Scruffin’ Rock class. We took a lovely evening stroll around Atwater and picked up dinner. I feel terrible that I haven’t used the Wii Fit since Friday but I have definitely been active.

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