At a loss…

of how to title this particular post. I was all set to rave about the fantastic time we had at Conan yesterday but early this morning I received bad news that my Dad passed away from liver cancer. Many of you may know I was not close to my Father who lived in Michigan. The last time I remember seeing him, I was about 4 years old. We somewhat kept correspondence with each other, more in the last few years. I occasionally got Christmas and Birthday cards from him. It’s ironic that I was just at CVS on Wednesday making prints of Olivia to send for his birthday. I will now send them to my Grandmother *his Mommy, whom I’m named after, she is 94* and I last saw when I was an infant. I’m by no means devastated, I knew he was ill. I suppose I’m a bit numb to my emotions about it. I am sad but it’s weird to be sad about someone you haven’t had a relationship with in the past 30 years. I am his only child and I do remember *vaguely spending time with him as a child*. The one thing that links me to my Dad is *this is going to sound silly* our freckles. My Dad was covered in freckles *from his Irish Mommy, Elizabeth* and I am still hoping Olivia will have freckles too.

I love you Dad

January 11, 1945 – January 14, 2011

He taught me how to swim

I remember spending our summers in Apple Valley, he caught a rattlesnake once.

For the short time they were together, my Mom and Dad really loved each other.
Yesterday was awesome, we met our super fantastic friends Nicolette & Ale *who just returned from Italy and Paris, MEGA JEALOUS!!!* at the studio and we had lunch at a yummy Mexican restaurant *I am on a diet, right??* I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t the only one with a Conan shirt *several folks made shirts, but mine was the nicest*

We were seated in a great spot for the taping. The band came out in the audience and La Bamba played right next to me. It was nearly impossible to take pictures *guards were giving me the “Don’t even think about it” stare. The best I could do was wear my phone around my neck and turned on the video as the show ended. I wasn’t able to see what I was filming but this was the best I could do.
Ricky Gervais was hilarious, can’t wait to see him host the Golden Globes Sunday. Wouldn’t you know my stupid DVR did not record Conan due to a scheduling conflict *it recorded The Office reruns instead, BLAST!!* According to my friend Jenn, you can clearly see us sitting in the opening of the show. I can’t find it on Hulu either. Hopefully, I’ll catch it on rerun in the next few weeks.
Oh well, I’m off to run errands all day. *sadface*

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  1. So interesting…I have a similar non-relationship with my dad. I've often wondered what it will be like when he passes. I know I'll feel guilty for not really feeling sad about it. I can totally relate to what you experienced.

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