Any SVH reference makes me giggle *if you are hardcore about Liz & Jes Wakefield as I am, please check this out*
Yep, your dear narrator was indeed kidnapped by her BFF. Thursday Aimee & me had our regular date at Target but we also went on a shopping spree *let me clarify, she did, and even treated me to some yummy smelling coconut bodywash and a cute tote bag* Aimee had a date that evening so we played dress up *the super cute dress I picked was the winner*
Aimee wanted Liv and me to meet Mr. Big, He’s a total sweetheart and he’s Belgium *cool points* Liv really liked him. She asked us to stay so I could get all the date details later so me and Liv chilled at her place while they went for coffee. I was under the impression the date was going terrific because they were gone for several hours. Turns out it was lackluster, she likes him and he is super sweet and funny but the spark was missing. They are going out again next Thursday so I hope it goes better *I’m rooting for you Mr Big!!*
Target was a blast, as always, because I bought some rad stuff for Liv. I finally checked out the Splendid for Target stuff and of course, they were sold out of all the girls clothes. The boys stuff was looking pretty generic and lame so I was disappointed until Aimee and I simultaneously spotted the cutest dress for Liv. Normally I turn my nose up at Target clothes *not edgy enough for me, sorry not a fan of Dora or typical baby clothes* but this dress was a pleasant surprise!

Spring Chic Mum print with adorable buttons
Also these super cute leggings were $3.50 each
Say whaaa? I am loving being a bargain shopper *shh, don’t tell Antz, I’d like to keep up my snob facade*
 Sorry I must run, I am catching up with my DVR and I am nerding out because I finally get to watch An Idiot Abroad *heart me some Ricky, Stephen & Karl!!*

One thought on “Kidnapped!!

  1. Haha! I was totally into Sweet Valley Twins/High and the Babysitters Club!

    Hey, I got the exact same leggings for Olivia at Target the other day. I also got the pink ones with hearts but for some reason they were too small on her even though I bought size 9mos.

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