Bedroom Remodel Progress

Well, this is an overdue post. I had great ambition to give our tiny bedroom a dose of Botox, a new padded bra and some ghastly lip injections.

The Mood Board that started it all
Our dark, uninspired bedroom in December 2011

Since I can’t afford a total facelift, I did some strategic Black Friday shopping and picked up this lovely Anthropologie quilt set on sale for under $100 *takes a bow*

Pavo Quilt Set

I would be 100% stoked if I could find one more Pavo Euro Sham. I’ve called every Anthro store in America and they are completely sold out. I found them on eBay but I’m finding it very difficult paying $99 for a set of two *when I only need one* and I paid $17.99 for the euro sham at the store.

I also couldn’t pass up this amazing ottoman. I grabbed it when I saw it was $99 marked down from $198!

Dutch wax ottoman, it’s perfect for putting on shoes

We searched high and low for an affordable bedside table to replace the pathetic Ikea plant stand we’ve been using for the past 5 years. I wanted something with drawers  as Liv is prone to stealing our telly remotes and they go missing for days at a time. I also needed to find a small piece as the doorway is right next to our bed and it had to be under 20 inches. My top contender was found at Urban Outfitters which seemed to be the best fit however there were 2 issues. One the price, $179 wasn’t working with my small budget and from Aimee’s bad luck experience with them shipping furniture, I didn’t want to risk paying $25 for shipping only to receive a damaged piece. Then I had a sheer stroke of luck driving to my acupuncture appointment one Monday morning.

I’m normally not a trash grabber but I couldn’t resist

We had a weekend of heavy rain so I was sure they were water damaged but I still sent Antz a text and gave him the location. He rushed over and picked the best drawer of the bunch and it sat on our porch for 3 weeks. I was quite skeptical of it being refurbished but I need to stop underestimating my dear husband.

A hot tranny mess
Antz painted it with primer and already it looks awesome

Remember I went to Mia’s caramel apple party? When I came home Antz surprised me with my newly painted pink bedside table. He went to home depot and had a piece of wood cut to cover the damaged top and voila!

My new issue of Anthology magazine and a new candle *that smells incredible*
This is one of my fave painting by Antz

So I quit being a nervous Nellie and put the new Anthro bedding on. The table just fits by a hair! Antz took down the prints so I could wash the wall to prep for our new Blik decal. We’ll put it up soon but first Antz had to fill the holes from the nails and we need to paint the spots.

Our bright and cheery bedroom January 2012
Dang it, I need another euro sham!!

He painted the old bamboo frames yellow and we added new frames/photos to the wall over my desk.

The circle frame will soon house a silhouette cameo I’m making of Olivia
I love the new painted frames, they really pop against the green
 So next I still am waiting to buy this iPhone alarm clock dock, a new table lamp and a rug. 
I have waited 3 months for this guy to go on sale, I just may bite the bullet and order it today
Still not sure if this graphic black & white chevron rug will look good with the colorful palette of the room.

The biggest dilemma is choosing the table lamp. I love this guy

Owl Lamp from West Elm

I’m so worried Liv may knock him over. We have this lamp in the living and we have to keep her from it cause she’s always trying to take the shade off. This seems like a great lamp but not so great with a grabby toddler. So I found an alternative here

Hippity Hoppity Lamp from Anthropologie

It’s surprisingly less than Mr Owl and it’s a cute animal *although I admit, it seems juvenile* but I don’t think it will give me enough light to read at night. It seems more like a nightlight.

So, the room is just about finished once we put up the wall decal, I make up my mind on a table lamp and a rug and I buy the iPhone alarm clock. Oh! I need to make Liv’s silhouette too. I think we’ve done pretty well so far. Antz asked me why Anthropologie bedding is so expensive but after the pleasant night’s sleep we both had, he understands. The new pillows are so soft and even though we abandoned our plan to add a slipcover to the headboard, I’m happy with the bed. I’ll just have to wait until we buy our Dream House to get my King.

I also took some photos of Liv’s nursery yesterday since it’s been awhile.

I bought these elephants from World Market last Thursday on my date with Aimee

My recommends; Goodnight iPad & Go the Fuck to Sleep
I adore this kid!

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