Playdate Funarama!!

I am trying to crank this out whilst *my fave word* Antz is making himself a snack and I have the Oscars on pause. Today Liv and I went to the Zimmer Children’s Jewish museum and met Aura and a few other Mummies for a playdate. Elina and Sofia were adorable as always. I attempted to make a Cat in the Hat, hat however Liv the Destroyer broke it several times, BOO!

Nom, nom, nom

Elina was so cute and Seuss-y

Everyone at the museum was super nice and the children were adorable!!

Playdate Mommies and our girls!
Liv LOVED the bouncy room *gotta make her a bouncy nook somewhere*
She tried her best to eat EVERYTHING she could get her hands on

Liv made friends with this 13 month cutie *Bonus, she’s from New York, I love it!!*

She fell in love with herself in the mirror

Oh, I am super fabulous!

Aura and Sofia *who is the mellowest, sweetest baby ever, like her Mommy*


We heart the Zimmer Children’s Jewish Museum. We had a lovely time, the place is super cute, can’t wait until our next playdate.

I took a ton of pics which I promise *pinkie swear* to upload as soon as we come back from Oscar afterparty hunting.

Okay, back on my laptop, we nixed the celeb hunting because 1. it’s tooo effing cold, brrr, 2. Antz and Olivia are both currently in snoresville and 3. I am warm, nestled in bed with my new pal electric blankie about to *prolly stay up all night* looking up lovely bathroom renos like this beauty!!

This is almost identical to how I want to makeover our bathroom!! Love these sconces!!!

Saturday rocked…
Wanna know why? Bed, Bath & Beyond gave us major discounts, that’s why!! We bought the Lancaster Floor Cabinet *on clearance marked down from $159.99 to $74.99*

Antz and I both love our new shower curtain and bath ensemble

Modern Reflections *sounds like a pretentious New Wave band, huh?* Some towels cause new towels rule and this fucking guy…..!!!!

Calm is exactly what I want in our bathroom, spa-like, relaxing and bright

I was all about keeping Maxwell & Harmony *painted by Anthony in 2002* in the newly remodeled bathroom but Antz says New room, new picture! I was jumping up and down when I saw it at BB & B *yah, I am that nerdy*

I set the budget for BB & B for $175 for the cabinet, new shower rings and the bathrug. We bought all that  PLUS, the canvas poster, matching hand towels, and my electric blankie!! I have seriously got a Linus complex now.  The total was $219.78 but after Antz sister’s employee discount it was $174.92. Me likey!!

After all that wheelin’ and dealin’ we drove up the mountain *literally* and drove into a teeny snow flurry. I filmed from the warm comforts of my car but it was surreal, we saw cars blanketed with snow in Burbank!!

So back to today. I got home from the Mommy playdate *which was fabulous, thanks Aura!!* to find this

Okay, this is why I married Anthony. He does shit like this! I was so anxious to put together the new stuff from Bed, Bath & Beyond but I knew we had to paint, replaster the tub and install the new tile floor before we add the new stuff. Now that he has kicked it up a notch, priming the bathroom so we can go shopping for paint. We are thinking of Martha Stewart in a light grey. I am super stoked to call Malcolm and get his ass over here to fix the plumbing.

So in Memoriam….The neon green bathroom

I’m still keeping my Johnathan Adler Seven Deadly Sins *I have committed at least 5 of them, I’ll let you guess which* shower curtain because it’s feeeeeeirce!

Max & Harmony will have to find another home but it still is one of my most favorite painting by the talented and handsome hubby!
FYI: 6 of my picks won *yay, Christian Bale with your skinny, crackheadedness and fucked up ginger beard*, I should have gone to the bookies *not like I know the slightest thing about bookies but they say it alot in Casino*

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